The Handiest Email Marketing Tools for Ecommerce

With all the businesses vying for a shopper’s attention, it’s essential to stand out. But with several marketing methods available, you may be left scratching your head. Many an online retailer has asked what would meaningfully boost their sales. Well, we’re here to tell you that it needn’t be a fireworks extravaganza complete with an opera performance. The trick is to shine in a busy person’s inbox. It’s why we’re focusing on valuable email marketing tools for ecommerce setups. 

Key features to look for in email marketing tools for ecommerce

Email marketing is essential for ecommerce businesses to reach and engage their audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. To choose the right email marketing tool for your ecommerce business, you should look for these features. 

Email marketing tools for ecommerce: personalisation capabilities

Tailoring emails to individual shoppers can increase engagement and conversions.

Automation and scheduling

There are times in the day when reading emails is ideal. You can time your email campaigns to go out at certain times. 

Segmentation options

Marketing these days is all about personalisation and user experience. That’s why with email marketing tools, you can categorise subscribers for targeted messaging. Above all, this increases relevance and engagement. 

Analytics and Reporting

It’s essential to know what is and isn’t working. This goes for email marketing as much as any other business function. You can track your email performance by who opens your mail. You may also look at user engagement. This helps you to improve your messaging and campaigns. With refinement, you can undoubtedly enhance your ROI.

Integration with ecommerce platforms

To up your sales, a seamless connection to an online store and a secure payment gateway makes all the difference.

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Top 3 Email Marketing Tools for Ecommerce

Let’s look at our favourite email marketing platforms.


Mailchimp offers a great range of email marketing tools. These help businesses create and send slick and professional emails. With MailChimp, online retailers can organise their audience and segment their customers. What’s more, you can evaluate your performance. This applies to who’s opened your mail, clicked through to your website, and unsubscribed. You also have personalisation options, automation and scheduling, and integration with your top ecommerce platforms. 


Brevo has a range of features and benefits for businesses. These include email, SMS and chat campaigns. We like Brevo for its excellent email automation features and personalisation capabilities. As with Mailchimp, using Brevo gives you segmentation options, analytics and reporting, and integration with other apps. 

Customers say that Brevo is easy to use, has robust features and is relatively affordable.


Omnisend is an ecommerce email marketing and SMS platform. It also offers a range of benefits and features. Some of its key elements include personalisation capabilities, automation and scheduling. Furthermore, Omnisend features segmentation options, performance reporting and integration with apps. 

There’s no doubt that these elements help businesses to create personalised and targeted campaigns. Moreover, online retailers can also analyse their email performance. As such, they can tweak their approach.

5 Tips for Effective ecommerce Email Marketing

By now, you can see that email marketing tools for ecommerce merchants are important to increase sales. You can engage with many people and create unparalleled brand awareness. Here are some top tips from industry experts on email marketing best practices:

  1. Set goals and use automation to streamline your campaigns.
  2. Maintain an excellent sender reputation.
  3. Segment your list to personalise your messaging and increase your relevance.
  4. Audit and clean your subscriber list. Always review your data to optimise engagement on your campaigns.
  5. Target your emails to each of your unique buyer personas. This will make your buyers feel understood and welcomed by your brand.

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