Ecommerce marketing tips to woo Valentine’s Day shoppers

Love and relationships are often complicated. But, increasing your Valentine’s Day sales doesn’t have to be. Valentine’s Day is the first major spending holiday of the year. So, whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is an important date for retailers, and one you cannot afford to ignore.  There are a variety of marketing strategies you can adopt to  drive sales during this Valentine’s Day. Here at Payflex, we put together 5 foolproof ways to woo shoppers this Valentine’s Day.

1. Set The Valentine’s Day Scene

 Get into the spirit of love by adding some romantic flair to your website. Create an eye-catching design using a welcome pop-up, or  a banner on your homepage. For instance, look at the colours, imagery and language to make sure your online content gives shoppers all the feels. 

2. Show loyal customers some love

Valentine’s Day is all about making people feel appreciated. Therefore, show your existing customers that you appreciate them and their loyalty by offering them exclusive deals and promotions.  For example, exclusive store-wide discounts, free shipping, and two-for-one specials. 

3. Seduce shoppers with daily deals & time-sensitive offers

When something is urgent, people are more likely to act on it. In fact, this is even the case when the sense of urgency is artificially created.

For example, research from a study showed when unimportant tasks are characterized by spurious urgency (e.g. an illusion of expiration) people are more likely to perform them over more important tasks. Therefore, limited-time offers and special deals are therefore a great idea to  incentivise shoppers

4. Highlight your most swoon-worthy products

We all know those people who wait until the last minute to buy gifts. Therefore, a buyer’s guide can be instrumental in helping shoppers find what they are looking for.  Go through your product offerings and identify the items that make the most sense for someone to buy as a gift for themselves, their significant other, or a loved one. 

Think outside the box. With the right messaging, even products not traditionally considered suitable could be the ideal gift.  Here are a few ideas:

Category – Perfect gift for him/her, couples, moms

Price Range – Gifts under R250, R500, R1000

Interest – Gifts for self-love,  book worms, animal lovers, foodies & gym fanatics

5. Highlight the appeal of Gift Cards

The easier you make gift-giving for your customers the better. Valentine’s Day gift cards and vouchers offer the perfect solution to last minute gifting dilemmas. In addition, although gift vouchers are preloaded with a set amount, customers often spend more than the card’s value. Nearly two-thirds of gift card recipients spend an average of 38% more than the value of their cards.

  • Spread the love

These are challenging times for every one. Why not use Valentine’s Day as a way to raise funds for those who need it most? Either donate a percentage of all proceeds to a charity of your choice. Alternately, you can initiate a fundraising campaign on a charity’s behalf via your platform.

  • Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to couples only

Valentine’s Day is about love of all kinds. It could apply to friends, colleagues, children, pets or even yourself. This gives you ample opportunity to connect with a broad range customers, regardless of their relationship status.

Whatever you do, make it special

Some people love Valentine’s Day. Others—not so much. But, no matter your standpoint, Valentine’s Day is without question a great sales opportunity for eCommerce merchants. Therefore, your  absolute goal this Valentine’s Day must be to make your clients feel special. Remind them why they chose your store. For example, a handwritten note with a delivery, or a surprise discount or free gift with each order, will go a long way to not only building customer loyalty, but setting you apart amid a highly competitive eCommerce landscape.