6 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales in Less than 15 Minutes

The thought of making changes to your eCommerce site can sometimes be daunting. Every task feels so big. But there are ways to increase online sales by making small quick changes to your site. We researched the below 6 tips which increase sales but take no longer than 15 minutes to implement. That means you’ll increase your sales by up to 40% in just 90 minutes. Let’s dive in.

Use Email Receipts as an Opportunity for Upsell

Your email receipts might be already serving their purpose at letting a customer know their payment went through. But it also provides you with an opportunity to upsell or make interesting announcements. It also won’t take you long to include some imagery and hyperlinking in the correct places to bring your clients back to your website.

Triple the Number of Cart Abandonment Emails You Send

Most online retailers are only sending one email to a shopper after they abandon their cart. But why give there? Remarketing stats dictate that three emails convert 26% more checkouts than one email. The email doesn’t have to be tedious either to increase your online sales. Sometimes a simple “Are you not interested in this anymore?” message is all it takes to bring that shopper back to your site.

Install Targeted Recommendation AI

You can find these plugins on all eCommerce CRMs. I know you’re thinking this doesn’t fit into the under the 15-minute rule but once you’ve chosen a reputable provider, it will take minutes to install it and have your first targeted recommendation going instantly increasing sales potential. If your developer does it for you then it’s even less time. The ROI here will depend on your effort put into creating relevancy – products that enhance something already being bought. For example, an online store selling sunglasses may want to upsell a lens-cleaning kit at checkout.

Display Your Security Trust indicators

If you’re a smaller online shop who needs to gain credibility and trust, you can do so easily by displaying the icons of your security platforms and measures that you’re taking. South Africa has a lot of online fraud and it’s crucial that your shoppers know that when they’re on your site, they’re a safe, reputable space. Remember, safe customers, are buying customers.

Give your shoppers a Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Option

This is obviously where we add a lot of value but I’m still going to explain it to you just in case you are not aware of the interest-free Buy Now, Pay Later movement that is sweeping the planet. Payment gateways such as Payflex allow your customers to make purchases and pay for them in 4 interest-free instalments. We’ll take on all the risk by paying you upfront for the goods so that everybody wins. You get to save your customer from being another victim to South Africa’s debt crisis while keeping them shopping responsibly, hopefully on your store. All the time.

Make your Testimonials as Human as Possible

Quotation marks are simply not enough when it comes to proving that other happy customers are satisfied. The more human you can make your testimonials, the better. A quick way of doing these is including a picture of the person testifying to your awesomeness. It could be such an easy item to implement if a picture is required as part of a person’s profile and could significantly increase your trustworthiness and your sales.


We know that you get a lot of advice on how to improve your online store but we hope that some of the insights here add even more value. We are directly tied to your success so obviously we want you to reach your sales targets and we hope the below 6 changes to your online store gets those carts filling up.