The importance of a strong omnichannel strategy

Today’s customers are looking for seamless shopping experiences, regardless of whether they’re browsing the web on their smartphones, or visiting a brick and mortar store. This means a strong omnichannel strategy is an important competitive differentiator in the post COVID retail landscape.

Payflex outlines 4 reasons why a solid omnichannel strategy is central to building a seamless shopping experience. 

  • Be where your customers are

As a retailer, you need to ensure you meet your customers where they are by providing multiple touchpoints. Approximately 73% of consumers shop on more than one channel. Similarly, 90% of multiple device owners switch between screens to complete tasks. Providing more opportunities for consumers to connect with your brand leads to a frictionless customer experience and increased loyalty.

  • Make your Omnichannel strategy immersive

Thanks to immersive technology like augmented reality, 360° video, 3D content and virtual reality, retailers are  able to blur the lines between offline and online retail.  A recent report by Accenture found these technologies represent the next frontier in eCommerce, providing shoppers with greater control over the digital shopping experience.   Harness this technology to transform the way consumers shop, create deeper engagement, and maximize ROI.

  • Ensure checkout is seamless

Empowering customers to shop via more channels naturally gives them more ways to check out and pay.  A frictionless checkout experience has therefore emerged as an essential omnichannel strategy.   Retailers spend so much time investing in their websites, but this will be in vain if the checkout process does not meet changing consumer needs. It is therefore crucial to accept a wide variety of different payment options at checkout. Choosing not too, could lead to you losing out on both customers and revenue.

  • Diversify your delivery options

Customers want to browse, buy, deliver, collect and return products in a variety of ways that suits them. This has highlighted the importance of shopping platforms like click-and-collect, and contactless delivery.  Give your customers the option to choose how they want to receive their product. 

An omnichannel strategy will set retailers apart 

Omnichannel strategies have become a fundamental survival tool in dealing with rapidly evolving consumer demands. Therefore, personalisation and differentiation need to be integrated into every step of the buyer journey to create a frictionless customer experience. In conclusion, implementing omnichannel strategies  in the post COVID environment will not only help set retailers apart, but succeed in a highly competitive online marketplace.