eCommerce Marketing Strategies: Make it Rein This Festive Season

The holiday season is a magical time of the year. And we don’t mean that in a corny Christmas special kinda way — it’s magical because you get to do what you love and make money at the same time. But to compete with eCommerce giants like Amazon, who have over 98 million users every month, you need some of our insider tips and tricks. So, with Santa coming through the chimney and online shopping going through the roof, it is no secret that you will need only the very best eCommerce marketing strategies.

5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Thrive This Festive Season

1) Run a Christmas-themed Instagram contest

Suppose you want to run a successful Instagram contest. In that case, you need to create an engaging photo or video that encourages followers to participate by liking, commenting, or tagging friends using #(yourbrand). Give your post some Christmas colour, and make sure to give the winner a shoutout!

2) Partner with influencers for product reviews

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce trends and can be beneficial for influencers and brands during the holidays. Influencers can create content around your products and drive traffic to your site. And you can get more exposure on social media platforms like Instagram, which has 800 million users worldwide.

3) Incentivised Free shipping

One of the biggest trends this year is incentivised free shipping — offering discounts on entire orders or specific products if shoppers spend a certain amount of money or reach another goal (like signing up for a newsletter). Make sure your customers are in the know via social media, email marketing campaigns, or whatever rocks your Christmas socks.

4) Flex your payment options

Give your customers a payment option that will go down singing hymns! Easy payment portals like Payflex allow your festive customers to get their Christmas prezzies without the stress of paying on the day. We pay you up-front, and they pay us in 4 interest-free installments down the line. It’s an eCommerce marketing strategy that keeps you completely risk-free.

5) Host an online event with giveaways

Set up a virtual holiday party on Facebook or Instagram and invite people in your target audience to join. In addition to providing a fun way for them to connect with one another, you can use this as an opportunity to get them to build trust with your brand. Ask them what products they’d like you to have under their tree and when they’d like them available for purchase. Offer free samples or discounts on select products for those who attend or participate in the event.

That’s A Wrap On Our Go-To eCommerce Marketing Strategies

We hope that these eCommerce marketing strategies have helped you out in your own Christmas marketing efforts. No matter what else you decide to do, a great product is your most important asset—if no one shows up to your party, everything else is pretty much moot. Make sure you start on the right foot and market your product as effectively as possible. Take a squiz here if you want to see some other epic eCommerce marketing strategies that will make you sleigh this season.