Credit card Processing: Are You Using It To Its Full Potential?

With online shopping becoming the new normal, credit card processing software and merchants have steadily become the standard for online stores to receive payments. While credit card processing is designed to make payments easier, it can also be an excellent tool to boost sales if integrated and marketed correctly.

Get the most of from your credit card processing with these tips

Make customers feel safe

Credit card fraud is a reality that claims thousands of victims every year. If your potential customer starts to feel as though they are at risk, it can cost you a sale. Protection of their information should be a priority and reassuring them this through policies can make them feel safer when making a purchase. Communicating your policies can be done by integrating a pop-up or disclaimer that outlines your privacy policy and including the logos of well-known credit payment processing merchants such as Payflex. 

Have a clear return policy for your credit card processing method

When paying online, returning goods can become a hassle especially since customers are purchasing items they haven’t physically seen. Having a return policy and communicating it clearly to the customer can prevent backlash and dissatisfied clients. Let buyers know your return policy by clearly displaying it during the check-out process before making payment or by adding it on the receipt, to avoid unnecessary conflict down the road. This will give your customers peace of mind but will also aid in settling cases with credit card companies when unhappy customers make a fraudulent chargeback.

Provide support and customer service

With the market flooded with online stores, the level of customer service needs to be high in order to retain customers. Should any credit card processing payment issues arise, work to respond to them quickly while being respectful at the same time. Often, customers can be frustrated when there are payment disputes. Who wouldn’t be? Your customer service team should be trained to handle these cases professionally and with patience. Always be friendly when customers call or email – a positive attitude goes a long way in making people feel valued. Should payments need to be refunded, ensure it is processed immediately.

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