Best eCommerce merchant services of 2021/2022

The more time you spend in the eCommerce landscape, the more it can feel like you’re learning new things daily. Terms like PCI compliance, SEO, analytics and eCommerce merchant services can be confusing to say the least.

One of the common terms you’ve likely come across is eCommerce merchant services. Merchant services like Payflex play a central role in getting your customers to convert. We outline what they are and why online businesses should incorporate them into their online store.

But first, what are eCommerce merchant services?

Put it simply, merchant services facilitate all digital payment transactions. The core aim of a merchant services provider is to make the payments process fast and seamless.  As a result, this enables eCommerce merchants to boost customer experience on their website, resulting in increased conversions.

But, while many eCommerce merchants have invested in their actual website, many overlook the importance of the payments process in ensuring a customer converts.

What are the pros of partnering with a merchant service?

  1. They process all your payments

    An eCommerce merchant service enables you to confidently and easily process all payments which come through your store. A recognised merchant service will also go a long way to instilling confidence among your shoppers.

  2. They beef up your security

    Safety has become a core concern for eCommerce merchants and shoppers alike.  In fact, 17% of shoppers abandon their carts because they don’t trust the site with their personal information. Every breach of a customer’s data  will put a dent in their trust of your business. And in our post-Covid realities, security is not something you can afford to compromise on. Merchant services ensure your payments are encrypted and secure giving you the confidence that your customers’ information is protected.

  3. They guarantee a seamless shopping experience

    A seamless payment journey is no longer a nice-to-have but has become a requirement for savvy consumers. Ecommerce merchant services play a central role in ensuring a streamlined purchase experience. In fact, 36 % of consumers’ loyalty to their everyday stores change due to online payments and options or lack thereof. Checkout and payment is the final step in the customer’s journey, making it the most important. Without an effective merchant services partner, you risk losing valuable business.


No matter your business size, payments form an integral part of your success. There are several eCommerce merchant services to choose from. So, when you are looking for the right one, make sure you do as much research as possible. Your merchant service needs to cater to the unique needs and goals of your business, whatever that may be. Simple integration, low fees, and 24/7 support are some key things to consider.

Remember, it’s important to be able to accept lots of payment types, which is why choosing the right eCommerce merchant services provider is essential. Most importantly, you need to ensure the payments experience as as flexible and convenient as possible for your shoppers. Bottom line, having a good merchant services partner on your side will be a game changer, helping you turbocharge conversions and get better results.