Winter Trail Running Gear To Help You Ace Those Icy Uphills

Winter has officially set in. That means that hitting those trail running goals in the frosty chill has become an uphill battle – literally!

Motivating yourself to ditch your warm bed for the great outdoors is one thing, but the winter cold and dark can also pose a real challenge to trail runners’ health and safety if you aren’t kitted out in the right gear.

Lucky for you, we’ve sought high and low for the hottest trail running gear to keep you on track to smash your personal best, even in the depths of winter!

Ladies’ trail running gear

We’re here to keep you looking fit and fabulous, no matter the weather!

To start, we have the Decathlon Women’s Long-Sleeved Trail Running Zip Jersey for R399. This flatteringly fitted long-sleeve top is designed for cool conditions. Built-in mesh areas help you to control your perspiration and the half zip lets you control how much fresh winter air is cooling you down. Bonus point: the jersey’s fabric is designed to withstand backpack friction. Yay for no more backpack rash!

You simply can’t afford to step out the door in the wrong pair of shoes. Tifosi Sports has got you covered with Cloudventure running shoes. The Cloudventure Classic Women’s is a lightweight shoe for R2,699 that prioritises cushion and grip. Born in the lofty peaks of the Swiss Alps, you can rest assured that this shoe will help you put your best foot forward on the trails!

Men’s running gear

When you’re at the mercy of the ever-changing winter weather, you need gear that will have your back – and your front, and your sides.

The Ultimate Direction Men’s Ultra Jacket V2 for R2995 is a lightweight, 100% waterproof running jacket designed to protect you against all weather conditions. Boasting 30 000 mm water entry pressure resistance, this jacket will keep you warm and dry in a winter deluge. It also features retractable mittens designed to protect your fingertips from cold and frost.

No matter the weather, trail running in the right pair of shoes is a non-negotiable necessity. That’s especially true for running outdoors!

The Cloudventure Men’s for R2,999 is a finely-crafted, third-gen running shoe optimised for technical trails where precision really counts.

Unisex trail running gear: protect your tech!

The days of sealing your phone in a Ziploc bag and hoping for the best are long gone. Our tech is simply too valuable to risk exposure to damage from rain, snow, or sharp rocks underfoot. A dry bag is the only way to guarantee that your valuables are safe and dry while you’re trail running!

This 5 litre Aqualine Ultralight Dry Bag from Trail Busters for R299 is just right for the job. The heavy-duty waterproof material and welded seams will keep your valuables safe and sound.


Just because the weather has cooled down, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the heat to your next trail run. With the right kit and a little help from Payflex, you’ll be unstoppable.

Our “Buy Now, Pay Later” option empowers you to get the gear that you need when you need it. Simply select the Payflex option at checkout and you can pay off the total over 6 weeks, totally interest-free.