Takealot Black Friday Deals Like Never Before with Payflex

Are you taking care of your Christmas chores early? Black Friday is here – and it’s the season for saving your hard-earned money. So this month, treat yourself to something you’ve had your eyes on all year. But before you hit the shopping cart, and click that ‘purchase now’ button of destiny, take a step back, and consider using Payflex’s Buy now Pay later option. This will help you shop Takealot Black Friday deals without worrying about the current weight of your wallet.

So How Can You Shop Takealot Black Friday Deals with Payflex?

The latest Black Friday deals from Takealot have got everyone excited. And why not? The online retailer offers some of the best deals, especially in the tech and lifestyle categories.

Payflex’s Buy now Pay later service (BNPL) allows you to make purchases online and pay for them in 4 interest-free instalments over 6 weeks. So you can shop for the grills that thrill or boats that float… actually, never mind on that one. And you can do this without worrying about your financial savviness.

In addition, you probably have a Takealot shopping cart that looks more like a bible than a list. Don’t sweat it! With Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) your shopping cart wish list no longer has to remain a list! You can get the goodies you want now and only pay later!

Can I Payflex and Chill From My Bed?

Payflex is the biggest payment method that allows you to shop in-store or online and pay later.

Just add your Payflex card to your account and enjoy the convenience of flexi-pay.

Here’s how it works:

Shop Online – Once you’ve found the item of your dreams on Takealot, choose Payflex as your payment method at checkout. If you’re a newbie, Payflex will ask you a few questions. If everything checks out, you’ll be able to check in and start shopping in no time!

Shop In-Store – Just download the Payflex app and sign in! Go to ‘scan’ on the app and brush it past the unique QR code at the teller. Ka-ching!

Shop the Best Takealot Black Friday Deals

It is clear that the vast waves of shoppers will be flocking to the internet to find the best Takealot Black Friday deals. But with BNPL’s interest-free financing, you will easily find everything you want to buy on your digital doorstep. Along the way, you’ll pick up tried-and-true tips for making Black Friday shopping simple, successful, and financially doable!