Wine Not? Our Pick of Bespoke Online Wine Shops

We are all well-versed in the dangers of drinking and driving, so isn’t a relief to know that you can safely order your tipple for delivery from a bouquet of online wine shops? Our wide range of vino vendors is sure to cater to every palate out there. Skip the queues and shop online for your pick of delicious wines!

Our Selection of Bespoke Online Wine Shops

Ooh la la – order wine online from Ooh! Box

If receiving a box full of delicious pantry-stuffers, beverages, and expertly selected wines straight to your doorstep once a month sounds like the kind of lavish life you want to live, then try Ooh! Box. They stock a range of box types for different needs. If it’s wine you’re after, we recommend the Flagship Box at R939 per month.

Each Flagship Box contains:

  • Four wines, each retailing between R85 to R140
  • Three pantry items
  • One beverage, selected according to a monthly theme (could be tea, coffee, soda, or an alcoholic premix)
  • A brochure detailing your monthly selection of products

If snacks are not so high up on your list of essentials, you could just order a case of mixed bottles for delivery to your doorstep. That’s the wonder of wine shops, baby! Why not see the end of winter off with the A Taste of Winter Chardonnay box for R972 for six bottles? The mixed case includes wines from Waterford, Tokara, Spier, and more.

Not a white wine drinker? The Ooh! Box wine shop has still got your back. The A Taste of Winter Cabernet Sauvignon box delivers a mix of six local cab savs for R1,270. Sample your winter favourites and explore new wines, all without having to leave the warmth of your own home!

Join the club: Wine-of-the-Month online wine shop

The purpose of Wine-of-the-Month is simple: buy wine, join a club. For instance, join the MCC club for R2299 and receive six bottles of local MCC every three months. The quality of our grapes and the expertise of our local wine-makers means that South Africa produces MCCs to rival traditonal French champagnes. Impress your guests and gain a bubbly disposition with Wine-of-the-Month online wine shop!

If MCC is not quite your thing, you can also join the red wine club by buying A Taste of Winter Cellartmaster’s Red mixed case for R1,498 or, for white wine fans, The Mystery White Selection for R1,374.

Wine-of-the-Month’s wine selection is curated by a series of blind tastings carried out by their panel of twelve wine experts, meaning that the wines that arrive at your doorstep have been carefully selected for their quality alone!

Pocket sommelier: Somm on Call

For the discerning wine drinker looking for an exclusive experience, try Somm on Call. Somm on Call is the brainchild of two of South Africa’s finest sommeliers who, during hard lockdown, needed to find a way to bring their specialised services to people who were at home.

Somm on Call only stocks unique wine finds in limited qualities, so you’ll want to act quickly if you see something you like! Why not get an easy-drinking party started with the Kumusha Party Kit 6 bottle for R720? Or, if you’re shopping for a more intimate special occasion, have a look at this Bernard Baudry Chinon “Les Granges” for R450. Flavours of red fruit and violet petal dance in this light, floral Chinon, the last few bottles of its kind in South Africa!

For interesting finds like these to delight and enthral your dinner guests, head to Somm on Call!

Bottoms up

Forget travelling to the Cape for wine tasting. Sampling a good variety of expertly selected wines has never been easier! All you need to do is fill your cart, then fill your wine glass. Payflex makes it all the easier to raise a glass to good times. Buy the wines you want now, and only pay for them in four, equal instalments over six weeks. Cheers to that!