Which home gym equipment to buy online

Looking for the best at-home gym equipment? Working out at home has become increasingly popular thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also comes with serious perks ,like exercising whenever you feel like it, and no more expensive monthly fees.

The best home gyms start with quality equipment. But with so many options out there, how do you know where to start? From dumbbells to resistance bands and weights, we outline  our top picks for just about every type of space. Best thing about them is they’re available to purchase on our Payflex store directory. So, get what you need now to sweat and pay later!


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Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle or general fitness, a pair of dumbbells is an essential home gym equipment item that will tick any box.

1.Vinyl Dumbbell – R66.12 – R304.17 (Depending on weight)

2.  Rebel Hexagonal Dumbbells – R115 – R3,509 (Depending on weight)

2. Yoga/Exercise Mats 

 A good exercise or yoga mat is a must-have for your home gym. Mats can be used for a wide range of floor-based exercises including stretching, ab workouts and of course yoga.

  1. Combo Mat Flora – R849


2. Natural Cork Alignment Mat – R960

3. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a highly underrated piece of gear in the weight room. They are versatile, portable and small enough to be stored away.

1.Kettlebell – R447.35 – R1,838.85 (Depending on weight)

2.REF Steel Competition Kettlebells – R735.00 – R2,660.00 (Depending on weight)

3. Reebok Kettlebell Classic – R746.35 – R861.35 Incl. Vat

4. Foam Rollers

The foam roller is an essential tool that you can incorporate into most workouts. Foam rolling improves range of motion, flexibility, as well as decreases post-exercise stiffness. 

1.Soul Matters Grid Foam Roller – R279

2.Rebel Foam Roller – R185. 96

5. Resistance & Kinetic Bands

Resistance bands are a simple and effective way to up your at-home workout game. These stretchy bands are highly versatile, ideal for a challenging full-body workout, and best of all don’t break the bank.

1. BeFit 10 Pcs Resistance Bands Set – 40 Kg – R899

2.Training Kit – R1347.50

3.Resistance Bands (Powerbands) – R115 – R396.75

4.BeFit 12 Pcs Kinetic Bands – R549.95

5.Resistance Bands – R356 – R785

6.Resistance Tubes 1m – R126.50 – R218.50

7.BeFit 14 Pcs Ultimate X-Bands – (Door Anchors) – R1349.95



Whether you prefer to run or walk, treadmills are an excellent way to keep fit and burn fat. 

1.Reebok GT60 One Series Treadmill + Bluetooth – R22,850

2.Rebel Speed Mill – R69,995

3.Reebok Jet 300+ Series Treadmill with Netflix & Spotify  – R26,450

4. Freeform F60 Pro Runner Treadmill – R22,995

7. Full body workouts

There are a variety of total-body workout machines and systems for those seeking an all-in-one workout solution. They are also available at varying price points, meaning you don’t need to break the bank when looking for a multifunctional exercise solution.   


1.Home Gym Powerline – R11,850

2.The Power Tower – R699.95


3.BeFit Speed Rope 2.0 – R499.95

4.Revoflex Extreme Exerciser –  R250.19

5. Best fitness home gym – R12,850

8.Weight/Strength Training

Regardless of your age or athletic prowess, strength training is essential for flexibility, mobility, and reducing injury risk.

1.Bulgarian Bags – R780.27 – R919.13

Bulgarian Bags weigh from 5.0 kg to 20 kg as well as have flexible handles to allow for both upper and lower body training. As well as for building grip strength.

2.Aquabag – R918.85 

These cylinder-shaped inflatable bags can be filled with water. This creates an unstable and unpredictable weight mass. The Aquabags® come in three different sizes to ensure that there is always a size that fits your needs.

3. Best Fitness Foldable Olympic Bench Press – R6,280

4. Reebok Medicine Balls – R343.85 – R573.85 (Depending on weight)


5. Power Bags – R571.32 – R885.04

6. Rebel Rubber Medicine Ball with Handle – R515 – R975

9.Exercise Bikes

An indoor bike is an incredibly popular addition to the at-home gym. From getting your heartrate up to burning fat and stress release, cycling is an excellent way to get in shape.

1.WNQ Spinning Bike – R14,850

2.Upright Bike -Steelflex – R14,850

3. Rebel Cyclone Airbike – R14,895

11. Miscellaneous Equipment

Whether it’s dips, step-ups, jumps, knee raises or crunches. There is a variety of additional optional equipment to help take your workout to the next level. These are our favourites:

1.Exercise Step – R1,437.50

2.Multi Adjustable Bench – R6,325.00

3.Round Spring Free Trampoline – R1890

4. Rebel Adjustable Training Bench – R5,895

5. Best Fitness Folding Bench – R3,690