Wheelie Great Online Bicycle Shops in South Africa to Gear You Up

Ah, online shopping. It’s incredible what you can buy online these days. What a revolution! Speaking of revolutions and things you can buy online these days, this article is geared around online bicycle shops in South Africa. We’re letting you know in the introduction in case you missed our expertly crafted and very punny title.

We know we’re a few months early for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, but the fact remains that there is a huge market for cycling right now. South African cities are evolving to accommodate cyclists on the road, and more and more folks are buying into the fun of fixed-speed bikes. It’s a cycling revolution! But where are people buying all this cool cycling gear?

You know, dear reader, we have some valuable insight on this matter. We can tell you where people are buying all this cool cycling gear. The rest of the article will take you through brands and bike shops that you may never have heard of before. The best part? They can all be found in the Payflex store directory, meaning you can hit the road now and only pay later. More on that to come.

City slickers: these are the online bicycle shops in South Africa for you

As we said before, more and more cyclists are taking to the tarmac and transforming the way that people get around the city. Are you cycling to work to cut down on emissions? Trying to get fit? Or just because parking is an A-grade nightmare? Either way, you’ll want a bike that is built for your needs. We’ve got a selection of road bikes from online bicycle shops in South Africa coming right up!

Road bikes for the city cyclist

When we talk about city cycling, it’s impossible not to talk about Simple SAM Bicycles. Simple SAM strives to bring high-quality single-speed and city bicycles to cyclists like you without breaking the bank. As their name suggests, they’ve stripped cycling of all the bells and whistles – in the best possible way.

You can check out their range of Simple City bicycles for a commuter bicycle designed to give you a little extra help on the uphills. The classic road bike City Bicycle features a 16-speed Shimano drivetrain, hi-ten steep step-through frame and fork, and high-polished fenders.

If you’re looking for something even simpler, we can’t recommend the original Simple SAM range. SAM stands for single-speed + aluminium + mobility. It’s straightforward, simple, and classic. It’s cycling at its best! Their range of beautifully and locally designed bicycles comes in a range of modern colours, sure to stand out on any pavement.

On the subject of locally-designed road bikes, we owe a special mention to Rook Cycles! The Rook One range offers riders several hi-ten steel-frame machines built to last as long as you do on the road. For the commuter, Rook has also designed the Rook Shift range. These bikes are inspired by minimalist, Japanese design, combining Rook’s signature geometry with the versatility of an 8-speed drivetrain.

Online bicycle shops in South Africa stocking city cycling apparel

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for bold, conceptually-relevant apparel that stands out on the road. Then you need not look further than the local, woman-owned brand Neo Hyphen. Born and bred in the creative metropolis of Johannesburg, this brand is where creativity meets cycling. Browse their apparel range for uniquely-designed phantom cycling jerseys and base layers.

Payflex: the official spokes-person for your cycling needs

It’s tough to lock in and lock down on your cycling goals when your head is tied up in how to pay for it all. The rewards of frequent cycling are high, but the costs don’t have to be. Sign up for Pay Later and check out at any of these online bicycle shops in South Africa to ride your new bike home today and only pay for it in four, interest-free instalments over six weeks.

Like it rough? Online bicycle shops in South Africa for mountain biking

Maybe you’re looking for more versatile bicycles to add to your quiver! If you enjoy taking your bike out to the mountains for a little outdoor excursion, then stay tuned. These online bicycle shops in South Africa have you covered for your next adventure.

Mountain bikes for the adventure cyclist

Once again, Rook Cycles enters the scene with its revolutionary range of Rook Scout hybrid bicycles. Designed in Cape Town, where cyclists routinely switch between the tarmac roads of the city and the dirt roads of Table Mountain, this multi-speed bike (you can choose between 8-speed or 11-speed) will take you from the office to the top of the world in a single ride. The Scout was designed to fill the gap between commuter bike and weekend ripper and, between you and me, it does an exquisite job.
If, however, you’re on the hunt for a wider range of bicycles designed for outdoor adventure, then we’ll direct you to Cycle Lab’s range of mountain bikes. Here, you’ll find tons of mountain biking options sorted into categories of Dual Suspension Bikes and Hardtail Bikes. They even have a ladies-specific category for bicycles which are specifically designed for a feminine frame. Finally, for the frugal cyclist, you can shop pre-owned mountain bikes from Cycle Lab as well.

Mountain biking gear

How can you expect to get into gear if you don’t have the right gear? No cyclist is properly prepared for the wilderness without the proper equipment. Cycle Lab is here to save the day with its extensive range of cycling accessories. This category boasts every little knick-knack you can imagine from sealant to pump valves.
Now, Fabian’s Bicycle Transport is not strictly a supplier of cycling goods, but we couldn’t write this article without a special mention of their service. They offer secure bike transportation to all major cycling events countrywide. Bikes are transported in an enclosed box trailer specifically designed for cyclists, by cyclists. Your bike will be housed in its own slot, locked in with wheel clamps to ensure ultimate safety and protection. The perfect solution for travelling cyclists!


Whether you’re gearing up for your first or your one-hundredth ride, Payflex is at your side to ensure a smooth journey. When you check out with Payflex, you’re getting the wheels turning on a flexible payment solution that puts you in the rider’s seat. Six weeks, four instalments, zero per cent interest. That’s how we roll!