Vibey Cocktail Ideas To Make Your New Year’s Eve Party One to Remember (or Not)

It’s almost time for the biggest party of the year, and you must be prepared. Whether you patiently wait for that countdown kiss or hope to impress your friends with your sexy new outfit, you need some liquid confidence. These vibey, vibrant and vigorous cocktails are sure to gear you up for your New Year’s Eve party of a lifetime!

Iconic Cocktails For Your New Years’ Eve Party

The Classic Mimosa

The Mimosa is possibly the most refreshing cocktail on the list, so much so that we would even recommend it as your New Year’s day hair of the dog. So grab a sweet bottle of bubbly and pair it with freshly-squeezed orange juice. You can’t go wrong.

Champagne Margaritas

Grab some salt, lime cordial, and an extra dry bottle of champagne and slowly sip down the taste of freedom. Or straight up down it, and you can have another one quicker!

Tequila Sunrise

The name says it all; what’s in it and when to drink it! Hitting the sack early is not an option with this multi-coloured babe. So wait for that first light, gather your champagne, tequila and grenadine, and enjoy the scene.

Gin For The Win?

Aviation Cocktail

If you are on a plane this New Year’s Eve, an aviation cocktail could be pretty fitting. Otherwise, this punchy purple cocktail is sure to catch the eyes of your New Year’s Eve party guests. Serve in a martini glass for some extra elegance.

Red Snapper

Paint the town red with this gin-licious twist on the bloody mary. Snap up some Worchester sauce, tomato cocktail and olive brine, and accompany it with your favourite bottle of gin. But be careful; this Red Snapper’s got a bite!

Out With The Old In With The New Harbour

If exotic cocktail recipes put a tingle on your tongue, have a look at New Harbour Distillery. Their appetizing list of spirited cocktails will give you more than enough inspiration. Whether that be a unique twist on an old-fashioned or maybe something with a bit more South African heritage, like a Rooibos fruitcake G&T, New Harbour Distillery is the place to dock your New Year’s Eve cocktail party ideas. But be careful; this cocktail has a bite.

Get The Mix Just Right With Payflex

We are almost certain that you probably have decorations, blow-up pool floaters, surround sound systems and a lot more planned for your New Year’s Eve Party, so cocktails might seem like a bit of a reach. But fear not; if you want to order all your cocktail ingredients without putting a hand in your pocket, have a look at Payflex Buy Now Pay Later. You can get all your favourite alcoholic drinks and mixers from Merchants in our store directory. The best part? You get all your goodies now and pay for them in 4 monthly instalments over 6 weeks at 0% interest. Cheers to that! So let’s make a toast to that and enjoy a New Year’s Eve Party that will be one for the books! After all, that may be the only way we can remember it!