Unconventional Gifts For a Birthday You Won’t Ever Forget

Finding perfect birthday gifts is a toughie. You want to get them something they’ll love, but you also want it to be memorable and unique.

Too many folks give the same old boring standards like gift cards, flowers, and chocolates. That’s…nice. But you don’t want nice. You want to give them something unique, something unforgettable. But, where to start looking?

The answer: right here! Our curated selection of unconventional birthday gifts is sure to transform that special day into an unforgettable one. You can thank us later.

Barking up the right tree: gifts for pet lovers

Sometimes, the way to a person’s heart is through buying them something for their beloved pet.

If your mate is obsessed with their pooch, give them the royal treatment by purchasing a Royal Renaissance Pet Portrait for R299 by Pawcasso. These ultra-realistic portraits will transform beloved pets into artful Renaissance figures. It’s lush, it’s over-the-top, it’s unforgettable. These funky portraits will allow your loved ones to preserve precious memories of their best, furry friends for years to come.

But, if your friend is more likely to dress their pooch in a work of art, then you can’t go wrong with this uber-stylish Chest Harness in Saffron Sunsets for R299 from Dear Pet Co. These adorable chest harnesses come in a wide range of styles and colours. Plus, you can kit Fido out with a matching leash, collar, bandana, and even bow ties! They’ll be turning heads at the dog park, that’s fur sure.

Birthday gifts that will light them up inside

Your friends and fam are the light of your life. So, show them what they mean to you with a birthday gift that illuminates your love! Check out this funky Mini Neon Smiley light for R1,500 from Happinest Neon. They stock a bunch of uber-cute designs. What’s more, they make custom neon lights! So you can add a personalised touch to your glowing gift.

On the other hand, you might be on the hunt for a more natural lighting situation. Show them that you love them to the moon and back by purchasing this 3D Moon Lamp with remote for R200 from The Giftery. This nifty moon lamp emits a soft, white or yellow light for optimal ambience. To bring the party, simply use the remote to adjust to one of the five colour changes. Fun for kids and adults!

Let’s stay in: gifts for the homebody

We all have that one friend who is so dedicated to making their home their favourite place to be that they never leave! Whether you’re 1) looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift or 2) celebrating the birthday of a homebody, these unconventional ideas will do the trick.

Give the gift of ultimate luxury by purchasing the 100% Flax Linen Duvet in Pasture from Shepherd for R2,770. Shepherd are industry leaders in crafting 100% flax linen. All of their bedlinens are hand-dyed and enzyme-washed to make them super soft. They’re light and breathable for those hot summer nights, yet warm and cosy in frosty winters. A gift that they will appreciate for life!

Then, for the folks who love to unwind in a luxurious bath, there’s the Honey Bath Caddy for R995 from Houthakker. The rounded bath caddy is expertly crafted from European Oak, lending an elegant and organic touch to any bathroom. It’s also practical: use it to store your toiletries or bring a steaming mug of hot tea into the bath. The best gift you can give is some peace and quiet!

Finally, if you’ve got a friend who’s nuts for interior decor but they’re renting, fret not! These removable vinyl wallpapers from Stickaroo are the perfect birthday gift. We’re very into the Large Arch for R1,650. Use it to frame a kitchen space, a home office, or a nursery. The best part? They’re reusable, and won’t damage walls!

All-natural birthday gifts for green-thumbed friends

Broke: flowers as a birthday gift. Woke: gifting houseplants instead. They last longer, they’re better for the environment, and they make any home look stunning!

If your friend is a real plant daddy, gift them this “String Of” Box for R621 from Grow With the Flow. The collection includes the following plants: String of Turtles, String of Hearts, String of Coins, String of Pearls, String of Variegated Pearls (oooh, fancy!), and String of Bananas.

These rare, collectable string plants are relatively easy to care for. For any plant-obsessed friend, they are a thoughtful gift to add to their beloved houseplant collection.

However, if your friend is just starting out on their plant journey, gift them with this beginner-friendly Pothos Scandens Combo for R259. They are stunning plants which thrive under minimal intervention. We think plants make for wonderfully memorable birthday gifts. Watch your friendship grow alongside these leafy gifts!


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