Ultimate Ladies’ Activewear Staples For the Gym-lovin’ Gal

Ladies’ activewear has come a long way since the days of simple cotton t-shirts and leggings. Nowadays, it’s all about performance and style. It’s called athleisure, and it’s absolutely booming!

So how can you hop on the bandwagon, or should we say treadmill?

In this article, we will show you how to construct a workout wardrobe that will give you the confidence you need for some serious workout sessions.

4 Ladies’ Activewear Needs for the Perfect Workout Wardrobe

Elegant Leggings

Leggings should be the first item of ladies’ activewear on your list of gym apparel.

Ladies’ leggings are specifically designed to provide the best fit and comfort for women. They are made of various high-quality materials. These materials provide support, breathability, and durability—the three cornerstones of establishing activewear quality.

What makes ladies’ fitness leggings such a trend at the moment is their versatility. They can be worn for many different occasions, such as yoga, going out, or even just lounging around the house! And nobody speaks versatility better than JIREH WELLNESS. Have a look at their elegant legging collection.

Sexy Sports Bra

Say goodbye to baggy T-shirts! Sports bras are the new backbone of developing a professional workout wardrobe.

Unfortunately, many women find it hard to get a good sports bra that fits their needs. Sports bras are designed to provide support during high-impact activities; however, if you have the wrong size or style, they can be very uncomfortable.

Check out this fantastic range of sports bras that are to give you all the comfort and aesthetics you need.

Top-of-the-Notch Tops

When the weather is gloomy, and you struggle to muster up the courage to get to the gym – these gym tops are the ultimate solution. They are specifically designed to keep you warm before your workout and cool during your exercise. They absorb the sweat from your body, making for excellent breathability and comfort.

Booty Band

The primary purpose of this bootiful ladies’ activewear product is to provide comfort for women when they are working out, running or doing any other physical activity that may strain their lower back area. The booty band also offers a little bit of extra lift to the rear end, which can make a woman feel more confident during workouts.

Pay’flex’ Your Ladies’ Activewear

With all the intelligent design going into ladies’ activewear these days – it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the price at the checkout.

Luckily, you don’t have to ‘weight’ until payday to get your workout wardrobe started! With Payflex Buy Now Pay Later, you can purchase all your athleisure up front and pay it off over 6 weeks in 4 instalments. The ultimate flex? It’s entirely interest-free.


Reap the benefits of your workout and feel like an absolute goddess in only the best ladies’ activewear fashion on the market! Not only will it improve your muscles but also your mood, energy, sleep and maybe the more private areas of your life, too… if you know what we mean.

So use Payflex as your payment gateway to the ultimate workout wardrobe, and experience some serious gains!