Transform Your Home: Fresh DIY Home Decor Tips for 2023

Whether it’s adding a touch of paint to a tired bedroom wall or building an entire pergola on your summer patio, there’s sure to be a DIY project for you. Having a home means there’s always maintenance to do, right? Let’s face it, calling in the pros is expensive. Let’s turn you into a designer extraordinaire with our DIY home decor tips and tricks.

The satisfaction of DIY home decor projects

The great thing about DIY home decor is that you don’t need to do anything fancy. That’s right! Doing the most minor projects is so satisfying. We list the reasons we just love DIY!


DIY home decor allows you to customise pieces to your liking. You can create unique and personalised items perfectly matched to your style and taste.

Creativity and Uniqueness

DIY projects are just perfect expressions of your creativity. Home is where your heart is, and your unique creation adds that personal touch.


Many DIY home decor projects are more affordable than store-bought items. You can upcycle or repurpose items to save money.  


On that note, do-it-yourself is often the eco-conscious choice. DIY is fundamentally about less waste and mindless consumption.

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Getting Started 

It’s true that your do-it-yourself means quite a bit of planning. Here are ways to get organised without heading out to the hardware store every five minutes.

Essential Tools and Materials

Some essential tools and materials for DIY home decor include a power drill, stud finder, laser level, quality paint brushes, saws, hammer, nails, screws, sandpaper, and paint. Depending on the type of project, you may need fabric, glue or other crafting supplies. 

Designated Workspace

Find a designated DIY space to avoid getting mess everywhere (which is part of the fun). This workspace could be the garage, patio or spare room. Ensure that these rooms have enough light and air.

Online resources and tutorials

The DIY world is a bustling one. Indeed, you’re never alone on your DIY quest. That’s why you can search the internet for tutorials and online resources. We love websites like Good Housekeeping, The Spruce, DIY Candy, and Mod Podge Rocks.

Start with Simple Projects

The golden rule in DIY home decor: start small. You’ll build up from easy-to-complete projects to that redone bathroom in no time. 

Top DIY Home Decor Trends for 2023

Living Room

  1. DIY accent wall with geometric shapes. Use painter’s tape and paint.
  2. DIY gallery wall with framed artwork, photos and other decorative items.
  3. DIY wooden coffee table with hairpin legs.


  1. DIY upholstered headboard with fabric and foam padding.
  2. DIY hanging macrame planters.
  3. DIY bedside table with wooden crates.


  1. DIY-painted kitchen cabinets for a fresh new look.
  2. DIY herb garden with mason jars and a wooden board.
  3. DIY chalkboard menu for meal planning.


  1. DIY floating shelves with wooden boards and brackets.
  2. DIY mason jar bathroom organiser for toiletries.
  3. DIY-painted bathroom vanity.

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