Tips for taking advantage of Easter weekend deals & discounts

Easter is a time when we all like to overindulge. Whether it’s eating way too much chocolate, or spoiling ourselves or our loved ones, Easter has a reputation for being one of the best times of the year to score some brilliant deals. But in order to get the best Easter deals, you have to shop smarter and more strategically than ever. Payflex outlines 6 tips for taking advantage of the Easter deals and discounts:

Don’t pay more than you should

It can sometimes be really difficult to know if you’re really getting a good deal. Before you finalize your  purchase, make sure you’re really getting the best possible Easter deal.  Shop around and compare prices, especially if you have your sights set on a particular product.  

Keep tabs on social media

The best way to stay up-to-date on the announcement of Easter sales and deals is by following your favourite retailers on social media. Downloading the apps of popular retailers is also useful when it comes to regular updates and exclusive offers.

Stay glued to your emails

Be among the first to know about Easter deals and exclusive offers by signing up to the newsletters of your favourite retailers. Brands often give exclusive access to their database a day or so ahead of starting a sale. Doing so, might just get you access to the best deals before anyone else. This means you can snag that item you have been eyeing in the size and colour you want.

Get flexible when it comes to payments

Choose flexible payment methods like buy now pay later that enable you to pay over time without the interest and additional debt associated with traditional payment methods. BNPL part payment platforms like Payflex can also be viewed as a budgeting tool because it enables you to know exactly how much money will be deducted from your account, per installment.  And because you will know your expenses ahead of time, you can factor that into how much you should spend and save.

Keep your eye on the prize

It’s easy to get carried away and lured by limited time offers. As tempting as it can be; remember, it is only a deal if you needed it in the first place. Decide what you want to buy and make a shopping list in order of importance to avoid unnecessary spending. The general rule of thumb when it comes to holiday sales like Easter is getting the big-ticket items on your list first. This is because they are likely to be more heavily discounted and therefore could go out of stock first. 

Cash in by getting cash back

Whether it is Discovery Miles, Nedbank Greenbacks or FNB eBucks, get  bonus points or cashback while you shop. It is a win-win situation!  Alternatively, if you have some money or points accrued already,  why not use it to buy what you need, instead of dipping into your daily budget?

Shop smart to get the best Easter deals 

There’s absolutely no question that eCommerce retailers will be offering a ton of great Easter deals across various product categories just in time for the holiday. By shopping cleverly and strategically, you will be guaranteed to find the best deals at the best possible prices, making shopping for yourself or your loved ones in your life an easy, seamless, and stress-free process.