The Ultimate Guide for Lazy Gift-Givers

This guide for lazy gift-givers is for anyone who gets anxious at the thought of having to buy a gift for anyone. Often times, resulting in last-minute gift buying? Maybe you picked up a bunch of half-wilted flowers on the way to the birthday party or you bought a bottle of wine for someone who’s allergic to grapes. Or worse, you ended up getting nothing at all, sheepishly making the time old joke of “my presence is the present.” It’s not, you can do better and we’re here to help.  

This Guide is For You, If

You would rather take a journey to the 7th Circle of hell before schlepping to a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon a few hours before the event. You can get the perfect gift without leaving your couch.  

If you’re anything like me – someone who loves being the gift giver that nails it every time but either never has the time or the will to make it – the ease of online shopping is itself a gift. 

You can browse endless possibilities all categorised in a neat online bundle without having to go anywhere. Browse for gifts on your phone, at your desk, anywhere, almost anytime! Here are some tips to finding the perfect gift with the least effort possible:

Know Your Crowd

Take the time to think about whether they have mentioned anything specific in the past such as their general interests. Knowing what someone wants or likes makes the process so much easier. Head straight to websites you know will have something for the person you wish to spoil. 

Filters are your friends

If you have a budget most online sites have the option to filter products according to your budget. This not only makes it easier to navigate your options but saves you browsing time as well.

Always check shipping times

The excuse “I’m still waiting for your gift to be delivered” always sounds flakey no matter how true it is. If you have a birthday or special occasion you need a gift for it’s best to start looking at least 2 weeks before since shipping takes up to 5-7 working days in most cases.

Make sure to check shipping policies on the site. This will avoid the disappointment of not receiving the gift in time. An added bonus that some online retailers have is the option to send the parcel directly to the receiver already wrapped up! You can skip the step of having to buy a gift bag or wrapping paper.

The Gift Ideas Guide for Lazy Gift-givers

Still not sure on how to go about getting the elusive great gift? Let’s break it down further. 

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