The Self Isolator's Guide to Keeping Fit

The Self Isolator’s Guide to Keeping Fit

Isolation has got us all trying to keep fit without our usual gym visits and team sports. The upside is that many of us now have more time for self-care and exercise. Amid the uncertainty, anxiety and stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, exercise is an excellent coping mechanism that decreases stress, keeps us mentally strong, and helps us take a break from the challenges of everyday life.

People are stepping up and finding creative ways to keep active while still doing the sports they love. Here’s a list of ways the avid sportsman can keep fit while in isolation.  


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With golf courses closed for now, Golfers are turning to at-home training aids, including practice nets, indoor chipping sets and portable putting mats. Websites such as the Golf Exchange and Net World Sports offer a wide range of at-home practice material for the golf enthusiast.


Bikes are ideal for ensuring people maintain isolation while providing important respite from being indoors. And with drastically reduced traffic on the roads, it has never been more tempting to go out on a bike. Apart from their physical and mental benefits, bikes also offer an important way for workers to commute to avoid busy taxis and buses.  As part of government regulations under stage 4 of lockdown, cyclists are permitted to cycle for 3 hours per day between 6am and 9am. 

But for those unable to exercise during the prescribed time frame, or who prefer at-home workouts in the living room, many are turning to indoor cycling.  Whatever your cycle preferences, these online stores specialize in various items from equipment to accessories and components: Cycle Lab, Rook Cycles, Ciovita and Bike Addict.


With marathons and races cancelled for the foreseeable future and a national curfew imposed, runners have been forced to get creative, logging miles on balconies, in their driveways and in their gardens to stay active. As South Africa loosens lockdown restrictions, stage 4 of lockdown permits running for 3 hours per day between 6am and 9am. 

Going for a run in your neighbourhood and surrounds is a safe and effective way to maintain your fitness as long as you maintain proper safety measures to ensure social distancing protocols. It can also be a saving grace for your mental wellbeing.

Runners are able to freshen up their running gear at some of these leading online stores: Sport SA, Sportsmans Warehouse, Aonijie, Run Store and The Sweat Shop.


Walking is a highly underrated exercise with many discounting its value because of its lack of intensity.  But contrary to these naysayers, walking is one of the best things you can do for your health offering a host of health benefits from weight loss, reducing blood pressure and boosting immune function. Now that we’re allowed a little more outdoor freedom, there’s never been a better time to lace-up and get moving. If you prefer to stay home, walking laps in your garden or backyard for 30 minutes is also an ideal exercise. 

In April, 100-year-old army veteran Tom Moore raised £4m for the NHS in the UK by completing 100 laps in his garden walking with the aid of a frame. His determination should serve as inspiration for everyone to get moving! Get your walking gear at leading retailers including Superbalist, Mr Price Sport and Total Sports


Cricketers are coming up with innovative ways to play in lockdown, with many making DIY backyard cricket pitches. If you’re not up to doing it yourself, these companies sell at home cricket systems: Flicx, Life Sports Turf or Synsport.


Boxing has so many benefits and provides a full-body workout with very few resources required. All you need is a pair of gloves, wrapping tape and a punching bag. Boxing equipment can be found at Takealot, Game and Makro. Ironically,  the trick is not to box with someone.

Home Gymming 

There are thousands of home gym routines available on youtube. There are countless apps, trainers and programmes to use in your own home. We’re not the experts here. However, what we can say is that you don’t need a lot of gear for a great workout. However, if gyms are off-limit for the foreseeable, future it might be worth building a home mini gym. BodyBoss has an awesome range of home gym gear that will help you on your journey to keeping fit this isolated winter.

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