The Essential Newborn Shopping list for first-time moms

A newborn shopping list is definitely one of the most daunting to-do’s associated with pregnancy. Walking into a baby store can be overwhelming – there are so many products. Do you need one of everything? Which are the best brands? Which things are useful and which are totally unnecessary? It can be so easy to overlook an important purchase, or end up with unnecessary item. We’ve made it easier to stay on track in the run-up to the birth by preparing the essential newborn shopping list for first-time moms. Moreover, get everything you need now for baby, and only pay later thanks to Payflex!


The nursery is where your baby will be spending most of his or her time. Make sure you kit the room out with the most practical and functional items that not only ensure baby is comfortable, but make your life easier. Top of your newborn shopping list should be a cot, compactum, and feeding chair. Get shopping!


A cot is definitely one of the most important items on your newborn shopping list. Cots are available in a wide range of styles and materials, and can be used for baby to sleep in from birth until the age of 3. Make sure that any cot you purchase not only looks great, but complies with the relevant safety standards.

Catalaya Cot – R10,061

Kaylee Cot – R6,250

Luna Rattan Cot with Foam Cushion – R3,149

Stella Cot with Velvet Upholstery – R14,643

Noah Cot – R16,399

Dawn Rattan Cot – R3,149

Logan Cot – R11,399

Playwood Cot Bed – R6,790

Noah Crib – R4,800

Bambu Eco-Cot – R6,900


An organised storage space can help enormously when it comes to making sure you’ve got everything you need at the ready! Plus, you need a flat space to be able to change and dress baby. This makes compactums an absolute must-have on the newborn shopping list.

Tanner Compactum – R11,803

Maxim Compactum – R3,500

Dani Compactum – R3,950

Stella Compactum – R12,001

Playwood Dresser – R5,550

Luna Rattan Changing Table – R3,499

Sawyer Compactum – R9,300

Noah Compactum – R10,541

Stokke Home Dresser – R8,898

Feeding Chair

One of the most important things on your newborn shopping list is a feeding chair. Although you can feed your baby almost anywhere, a feeding chair offers a comfortable, relaxing environment in which to feed. Look for something supportive and comfortable.

Catalaya Rocker Chair –  R13,721

Eero Occasional Chair – R4,599

Ivy Feeding Chair – R13,880

Thea Rocking Chair – R10,990

Noah Feeding Chair – R8,199

Essential Items

Some essentials on your newborn shopping list must include a car seat, pram, baby bath, baby carrier, and high chair. Make sure you get stocked up!

Peg Perego Siesta Follow Me High Chair – R4,000

Primo Viaggio iSize – R6,999

Onda Bath – R690

Peg Perego Book Lounge Modular System – R22,500

Peg Perego Selfie Stroller – R4,900

Boarding Stroller – R6,299

Chico Sirio Car Seat – R5,999

Baby Carrier – R1,690



Keeping baby snug goes a long way towards a better sleep. Which is why investing in a cosy baby blanket should top your newborn shopping list.

Receiving Blanket – R195

Lion Knitted Blanket – R420

Knitted Blanket Mila – R499

Muslin Swaddle – R230

Aden & Anais Classic Swaddles – R1,150



Signature Tufted Baby Blanket – R595

H&G Personalised Fleece Blanket – R1,020


As a first-time mom, bibs will play a major role in your day-to-day routine. Make sure you add easy-to-clean silicone bibs to your newborn shopping list.

Mushie Silicon Bib Rainbow – R299

Silicon Bucket Bib – R220

Snuggle Hunny Kids Warerproof Bib – R249

Printed Silicon Bibs – R140

Waterproof Baby Bib with Crumb Catcher – R99