The Best Canon Cameras for Professional Photographers

Canon cameras are popular for a reason – it’s one of the largest brands in the world with an array of offerings. It can be tough to choose which the best canon cameras for professional photographers are. If a picture paints a thousand words and you want to be the photographer version of Van Gogh, we’ve got you covered with our best canon camera guide.

Reasons why pros love Canon cameras

If you’re trying to capture the intricacy of a leopard’s spots in the bushveld, the moment that soccer player scores the goal, or the executive director’s powerful side, a camera’s features should be up to the task.

Many modes

Your artistry aside, Canon cameras enable the pro to apply effects before and after taking photos. Some Canons have up to 16 shooting modes, which is useful where the light is not that amenable (if you’re on a deep-sea dive, for example) to master shots.

Think colour

In the digital range, there are several colour accent and swap modes, allowing for dramatic effects. Many professional photographers applaud Canon for these and the brand’s incredibly user friendly and intuitive camera settings. In a fast-paced shooting environment, this is key.

Speed settings

Speaking of speed, Canon has nifty ISO speed settings. So, if you’re shooting in a location with four seasons in a day, you can easily go between shooting in clear and bright to stormy and cloudy conditions without losing the quality of the picture. This also applies to sports matches and wildlife hunts where action and motion could mess with the clarity and brilliance of the shot.

Image Stabilisation

Professional photographers love Canon’s Image Stabilisation (IS) feature to eliminate blurring in flash-free pics. With Canon’s PowerShot Macro mode for example, you can capture macro shots perfectly. Canon certainly has some clever engineers behind its innovative technology. The new IS processor chip delivers accurate shake correction.

We’ve written about camera features and what you should look for. We can help you decide what the best Canon cameras for professional photographers are.

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Best Canon Cameras for Professional Photographers

Again, it depends on what kind of professional photographs you’re trying to shoot. We’ve compiled a short list of the ones we’d consider.

Canon EOS R7

Canon’s APS-C mirrorless cameras is one of the finest out there. Pros love the resolution and the 1.6x crop factor. There’s lots of room for post-production, and the video quality is superb in 4K. There is incredible autofocus performance. The R7, then, is one of the best Canon cameras for video and photography. It is one of the best rated canon cameras.

The Canon EOS R7 accepts the new RF-S lenses and existing full-frame RF optics. What’s more there’s an advanced touch screen and dual memory cards.

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II

This is a professional photographer’s workhorse and a great quality full-frame camera which many believe is the best for both photography and video. It has a 26.2 MP CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 7 image processor to produce beautiful pictures (even at high ISO settings). If you want to shoot the perfect portrait, look no further than the Mark II.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera

In the DSLR range, the Mark IV is one of the best still photography choices and is a 4k-capable video tool, continuing the great tradition of Canon’s EOS 5D range. The Mark IV has a newly-minted 30.4 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, paired with the incredible DIGIC 6 plus image processor. If you’re look to find the right balance between resolution and low-light performances, this is a sure win.

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Best Affordable Canon Camera Options

Let’s face it, professional cameras are pricey. Luckily there are affordable canon camera options that allow you to take amazing pictures without the substantial investment. Indeed, Canon has many budget-friendly options. Professional photographers are also in the habit of slowly building up their lenses and accessories which allows for smaller investments at various intervals. What’s more, why not consider pre-loved, but powerful gear? At Camera World, for example, there are a fortune of used Canon camera options to pick from.

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