The benefits of account creation on eCommerce sites

The benefits of account creation on eCommerce sites

As our reliance on online shopping grows, so do the number of online retail accounts in our names. Almost every website asks you to “sign up” or “sign in” which can be pretty overwhelming. But what are the benefits of creating an account for shoppers? We’re so busy, we almost robotically enter our details when trying to buy something online without stopping to think about what creating these accounts actually offer us. Apart from providing better customer service, online account creation enables a seamless and personalised shopping experience. Here are some of the main benefits of account creation on eCommerce sites.  

Makes repeat purchases easier 

eCommerce accounts automatically save your billing details and address,  meaning you don’t need to spend precious time re-entering your details when making subsequent purchases.  

Faster checkout  

By creating an account, entering all your registration information is a one-time thing that will save you a lot of time in the future, resulting in a faster checkout and overall, a smooth shopping experience.  

Your experience will be more interactive 

Creating an account enables you to build a more meaningful and interactive relationship with the retailer. Customer accounts allow online retailers to learn your unique preferences and personalise the on-site experience by providing tailored recommendations and a record of previously browsed products.  eCommerce accounts also enable you to leave reviews and join the retailer’s online community.  

It’s easier to track your order 

While many will complete online purchases and not think about them again until they arrive, many of us want to know exactly where our parcel is throughout the shipping and delivery process. Having an online account means you’re able to constantly track your order(Are you also one of those who continuously hits the refresh button when waiting for a highly anticipated order?).  You’re also able to access your order history (Yay! There’s no need to trawl through your emails for tracking numbers and confirmations). All your past orders are saved in one, convenient place reducing issues with exchanges and returns.   

You have access to special offers 

Having your own account provides you with exclusive access to discounts, sales and special offers that land straight in your inbox (Who doesn’t love a good deal or discount!).  Stores will often tailor their offers to your unique preferences.  

Get rewarded for your loyalty 

Subscribe and get rewarded for your loyalty. Stores like Cotton On offer reward incentives to customers with online accounts. This incentives programme is also linked to their brick and mortar stores, meaning you can conveniently redeem your loyalty points either online or in-store.   


Online account creation is a highly rewarding option for customers seeking an interactive and personalised user experience. Even here at Payflex, user experience is everything. You run the risk of longer checkout processes by not ‘signing up’ or ‘signing in’. Furthermore, you miss out on better deals. To expand, you won’t have access to loyalty perks, and continuing with ‘abandoned’  or ‘paused’ purchases. It’s a critical need especially when we’re trying to order during the Monday morning meeting.