That’s Hot! Women’s Fashion Trends Heating Up the Chilly Season 

Winter is coming! It’s time to pack away the swimsuits and bring out something with a little more coverage. But keeping warm doesn’t mean you can’t still look hot! To help you keep stylish this winter season, we’ve put together some of the latest women’s fashion trends that will be at the forefront of every catwalk this year.

Latest Women’s Fashion Trends For Winter

Vintage Style Leather Jackets

Warm, durable and absolutely stylish, leather jackets are a timeless winter staple. So timeless that vintage styles are still holding their own, none more so than the leather bomber jacket. The Charlie Faux Leather Bomber Jacket for only R925.00 from JMVB is sure to be the talk of the town. Inspired by to movie Top Gun 2, this vintage-styled jacket is made from faux leather and features a wide black ribbing that matches the neck, cuffs and zippers, contrasting the rich tobacco hue of the faux leather. Not to mention that classic number features pockets to keep your hands warm or your items safe.

Lounging Around

Being comfy never looked so good. The women’s fashion trend taking over this winter is loungers. These outfits are super versatile, from a session in the gym to a wild night out on the town or the most popular winter activity…Netflix and chill! Loungers come in various shapes and sizes, such as this Black Zipped Loungewear Set for only R450.00 from Sculpt is made from 100% cotton and is the perfect fabric for all seasons.

Boot it!

You can’t have a winter outfit without having a set of fashionable boots. This women’s fashion trend never misses a season, and it’s not hard to see why. Boots are versatile enough to work with almost every outfit while keeping your toes toasty in the cold weather. The Ladies Guinevere Boot for R1,899.00 from Tread & Miller is no exception. This women’s combat-style boot is edgy, cool, and super trendy.

Women’s Fashion: Handy Handbags

An essential feminine accessory is a handbag, and the women’s fashion trend for winter is large crossbody bags. These handbags are easy to carry and easily accessible to get your winter essentials out. Patterned crossbody bags are also seeing a lot of interest, such as the Guess Black & White Cessily Crossbody Flap Bag for R1,999 from My Runway.

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