Summer Holiday Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained In Their Own Backyard

Summer is a festive time for everyone, especially kids. With school out and freedom back on their side, it is a great idea to curate a list of summer holiday activities that your young ones can occupy themselves with this summer. Not only will it give them a grin from ear to ear, but it will also build critical foundational skills for their mind and body.

This lively list from Payflex is sure to turn your kid’s December holidays into a summer of fun!

5 At-Home Activities That Are Sure To Thrill

Board Games

Board games have been around for centuries, and for good reason. They get kids brains buzzing, keep them focused and teach them the value of teamwork. It’s the first activity that comes to mind, and it had to make a feature on our list!

Have a look at some unique and immersing board games that are sure to eliminate any boredom!

Backyard Camping

Give your young ones a torch and some rations, and send them out on an adventure in their own backyard! All they need is a comfy tent to shelter them from the prevailing conditions! There is nothing more thrilling than some independence and freedom…and of course some midnight snacks!

Build A Garden

This is something you kids certainly miss out on in school. Help them develop a green thumb with only the most excellent gardening tools and accessories. You can also order some beautiful plants online and get them delivered to your doorstep!


Coordination skills are so crucial for kids, especially these days when technology takes up most of their time. Badminton is great because you can’t hit the ball exceptionally hard, meaning your neighbours won’t get any smashed windows. Let your little ones refine their swing with  a host of top-noth badminton rackets and a shuttlecock (badminton ball).

Obstacle Course

This is the kind of activity that you might just have to get involved in too! If you don’t, your kids will come out fitter and stronger than you with this summer holiday activity. Obstacle courses are exceptional for confidence building, coordination and stamina.

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