Sports Nutrition for Muscle vs. Endurance: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re deadlifting your own bodyweight at the gym or testing the limits of your endurance in a half marathon, habitual exercisers have at least one thing in common: an interest in how to use sports nutrition to get the most out of your workout! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found the right products that you need for either muscle-building or endurance workouts.

Strength vs. Endurance

So, first things first – what’s the difference between strength and endurance training?

The difference is not strictly in the kind of workout you’re doing. When it comes down to the (finish) line, the difference lies primarily in the duration of the workout.

Muscle strength refers to the ability to exert a maximal measure of force for a short period of time. This might look like bench-pressing a loaded barbell for only 8-10 reps. The point of is to push the limits of your strength and push the body into building more muscle fibres and, therefore, more muscle mass and strength.

On the other hand, muscle endurance describes the ability to do repetitive movements over an extended period of time without getting tired. Running or doing fifty bodyweight squats in a row are forms of endurance training. Generally, endurance training focuses on reps rather than weights.

So, what kind of sports nutrition do you need for strength, and what do you need for endurance?

Sports nutrition for strength building

What kind of nootch do you need to build big, healthy guns? Well, the old way is the best whey. Whey protein has been show to be particularly effective at building muscle mass and strength. Get natural with your nutrition and shop the My Wellness Super Nature’s Whey Unflavoured 900g from Wellness Warehouse for R414.95.

Nature’s Whey is a clean, high-quality, grass-fed protein source. It’s also enhanced with superfoods like baobab (a powerful prebiotic packed with antioxidants) and maca (rich with vitamins A, B, complex C, E, and K). It’s the perfect choice to support lean muscle mass without the bells and whistles!

If you’re looking to jack your sports nutrition up a notch, check out NPL’s Creaforce creatine from Lift Nutrition for R200. This heavy-duty creatine is fortified with betaine anhydrous for muscle hydration for the power boost that you need to smash your strength training goals. A good option for those looking to stack creatine. Plus, it comes in blueberry and tropical flavour options!

Finally, if you’re really looking to Hulk smash your strength training, try out ACES High Roller Mass Gainer 5000 for R375 from Lift Nutrition. This mass gainer is designed for hard-gainers with a fast metabolism. It’s formulated with a blend of stage-released proteins and diverse carbohydrates in perfect ratios to support lean muscle mass gains, as well as to aid in muscle repair and recovery.

Sports nutrition for endurance

When you’re looking for sports nutrition to support endurance rather than muscle gains, you’ll be looking for something that gives you energy and protects your hard-earned lean muscle. Something like Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem 16 Serving (1.104kg) for R499 from The Athlete’s Foot. This endurance fuel stabilised energy and blood sugar, optimises fat utilisation, and protects lean muscle mass for workouts that extend beyond three hours. Perfect for endurance athletes looking to keep steady and finish strong! The Caffé Latte flavour contains 25mg of caffeine per serving for an extra boost of energy.

You might also be interested in the Alpha GRIND Intense Pre-Workout for R310 from Lift Nutrition. This pre-workout is pumped with an optimal ratio of beta-alanine, citrulline malate, creatine, caffeine, and beetroot extract to ensure that you reach the finish line in top shape.

If you’re looking for sustained energy fuel in bulk, look no further than the Hammer Nutrition Gel Jug – Nocciola (Hazelnut Choc) 26 Servings for R425 from The Athlete’s Foot. Hammer Gel offers you a tasty shot of complex carbs and all-natural ingredients designed to provide fast-acting and long-lasting energy for workouts lasting up to two hours. It’s also enhanced with branched-chain amino acids to reduce fatigue and fortify muscle tissues against breakdown.


Depending on what you’re looking to get out of your workout, you’ll be looking at different fuels. Our merchants offer products at the peak of sports nutrition science. They can help you smash your workout goals, and Payflex can help you smash your budget goals. Pay for your fuel in 4 equal, interest-free instalments. Gain now, pay later.