Smile, Baby! Baby Clothes For An Adorable Photo Shoot

Maybe it’s a seasonal thing, but we’ve got major baby fever here at Payflex! Anyone with a little one knows how fleeting those first few months are. Considering the alarmingly rapid rate at which tiny humans outgrow their baby clothes, it’s essential that you capture those sweet memories now before it’s too late.

Your sweet, growing babe is going to need new fits quicker than you can say, “Cheese!” So, we’ve compiled a guide to clothing that you can buy 1) for normal baby growth reasons, and 2) to have a super fun family photo shoot that captures your new baby’s earliest memories.

Loving the look, babe: baby clothes for tiny trendsetters

Are you a yummy mummy? A delicious daddy? It’s okay, you can tell us. You’re welcome here. There’s no shame in shopping for ultra-trendy fits to dress your tiny tot up in. Teach them what true style is while they’re young. It’s the only way. In any case, these are the best places to shop for trendy baby clothes for a stylish shoot before the ensemble is ruined by regurgitated milk. If you know, you know.

Any stylish parent worth their Baby Magazine subscription knows that Keedo is The Best place to shop for en-vogue baby fashion. Keedo has been a longstanding frontrunner in baby fashion for years, owing to their high-quality baby clothes. We could go on and on about the brand, but we’re actually here to give you options for a family-friendly photoshoot!

Keedo’s baby clothes sets are the perfect complement to a photo shoot! These instant outfits are instant fun for Instagram. From teeny weeny tracksuits to dapper button-up shirts and shorts, the Keedo baby boys’ sets score a perfect ten for debonair flair. The Keedo baby girls’ sets feature everything from dungis to dresses, pretty pinafores and beautiful bloomers. We should also mention that Keedo is a great shopping option for parents who are seeking gender-neutral clothing. You won’t easily find pink and blue in these pastel colourways!

Strike a pose and say, “Payflex!”

Oh, baby! Hauling in a collection of carefully curated baby clothes for a family photo shoot sure is a lot of fun, but you might be left wishing that your bank balance grew as fast as your little one does. Buying up baby essentials can add an extra burden to parenting that you just don’t need.

Payflex relieves that burden so that you can stop worrying about how fast baba is outgrowing their clothes and focus on staying present for those precious moments. Check out with Payflex Pay Later and dress your tot today, but only pay for it later. Six weeks, four instalments, zero per cent interest. This is shopping.

Throwback Thursday: vintage baby clothes for a timeless photoshoot!

We don’t care how 2011 being hipster is. If it’s a vintage-inspired baby photoshoot you want, it’s a vintage-inspired baby photoshoot you’re going to get. Suit up, baby! It’s time to throw it back to classier times for the ‘gram.

For Easter pastels and a genuine vintage feel – we’re talking frill-necked blouses, rompers, and high-waisted bloomers –  you simply have to shop Rosie-Bee’s baby girls’ category. Although it is undeniably lovely, Rosie-Bee’s handcrafted clothing isn’t just for sitting pretty. Their baby clothes are designed for climbing trees, adventuring outdoors, and savouring every magical minute of childhood.

You can also check out baby boys’ tiny suspenders, rompers, and bowties from The Baby Empire for a small gentlemen’s photoshoot. Your little one is guaranteed to look as dapper as possible for your classic photoshoot. Plus, what parent doesn’t look fly with a little hipster on their hip?

Budget-busters: baby clothes that won’t break the bank

Although we live for a theme, we also understand that sometimes a person is just looking for outfits that look cute in a snap. To that end, we’re happy to report that parents can shop a wide range of baby fashion from both Edgars and Takealot using Payflex. Remember that milk spit-up joke we made earlier? Yeah, that wasn’t a joke. You’re going to want to buy those babygro’s in a pack of three.


Your baby isn’t going to be this little for long, but you are going to cherish these memories for a lifetime. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Payflex gives you the flexible payment solution to make parenting just a little bit easier. Check out with Payflex Pay Later so that you can focus on the now. Go make big memories with your little human!