Act Your Age, Don’t Look It! Men’s Skincare Products for the Ultimate Skincare Regimen

Gone are the days when women were the only ones hyper-focused on skincare. Now that men have had a taste of a smoother life, more are picking and choosing the best skincare products to compliment their skin needs, and we are all for it! 

Legend has it that grooming is the secret to elegance and turning heads. So bump up your skincare regimen with these awesome products that will keep you looking and feeling fly.

Men’s Skincare Products for the Ultimate Skincare Regimen

Discover A New You

The Discovery Bundle from Shakeup Cosmetics will give you the look of a facelift without any needles! These three skincare products are designed to complement each other and revitalise your skin.

  • Let’s Face It – BB Tinted Moisturiser: With four base shades to choose from and colour-correcting technology to adapt to your skin tone, this moisturiser will give you a more even and youthful complexion. 
  • Eye Eye Captain -Under Eye Concealer & Moisturiser: Say goodbye to puffy eyes, thin lines, and dark circles with this made-for-men under-eye concealer. With Hyaluronic Acid to increase hydration and Vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant, your eyes will be left looking healthy and fresh.
  • Lip Life To The Full- Volumising & Moisturising Lip Gel: Dry and chapped lips can add years to your face. Don’t let that happen with Shakeup Cosmetics’ Lip Life to the Full Volumising & Moisturising Lip Gel. Containing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Tri-peptide, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Cocoa Butter that will help soothe dry, sensitive lips and give you a more prolonged moisturising effect.

The Discovery Bundle – R1220.00

Keep your tattoos looking fresh!

Poorly healed and faded tattoos can make you look older than you are. But, with Dragon Skincare’s Organic Tattoo Care Collection, you can keep your tattoos looking as good as the day you got them with these featured products.

  • Gentle Foam Wash: Tattoo aftercare starts day one of getting inked. This foam wash is gentle enough for your healing skin as it prevents infection and reduces inflammation while nourishing and moisturising your skin.
  • Aftercare Balm: Help your tattoo through the healing process with this aftercare balm—the special ingredients in their formula battles inflammation, infection, swelling, redness, and itchiness.
  • Everyday Care: Once your tattoo has healed, the aftercare doesn’t stop there. Dragon Skincare’s Everyday Care is a balm that can be used once your tattoo has healed to keep it hydrated and nourished. In addition, this balm will keep your ink looking vibrant and fresh.
  • Sunscreen SPF30+: The sun’s harmful UV rays can fade and damage your tattoo. So keep it protected with this SPF30+ sunscreen.

Organic Tattoo Care Collection -R720.00 

Step up your beard game

It’s often said that a beard is to men what make-up is to women. A well-kept beard can give you a mature and rugged look. Keep your beard healthy and looking its best with this combo from RFYND, featuring these natural, hand-crafted products.

  • Beard oil: Keep your scruff moisturised and dandruff-free while promoting beard growth.
  • Comb: mould your beard to your signature style.
  • Beard wax: Hold your look throughout the day.

Beard Oil 30ml (Woody) + Beard Wax + Comb (Combo) – R270.00


While you still may be recovering from January, don’t let your empty wallet get in the way of you looking and feeling great. Payflex can help you keep up your skincare regime with products from these online stores. So buy it now and pay off the amount in four interest-free instalments. Go get ‘em, gorgeous!