Time to Get Serious About Skincare: 3 Must-Have Skincare Products

Are the world’s problems causing you to wrinkle up like a prune? Feeling the effects of global warming on your skin? Those sun rays really belting down on your once-baby-like skin and causing it to become biltong? If so, it’s seriously time you start taking care of your skin – from head to toe – and become serious about your skincare: future you will thank you for it!. 

With this, spend the summer holidays creating a new face and body skincare routine with these must-have products.

#1 Must-Have Skincare Product: Cleanser

Every person should know that a good skincare routine starts with deep cleaning, exfoliating, and toning. To really start your skincare routine right, it’s about getting the right exfoliator, cleanser, and toner.  Especially when it comes to your face, a cleanser is great for facial skin redness and helps to calm and smooth red spots. Cleansers, a good body wash, and the right washing scrubs and brushes help clean, exfoliate and refreshen over-processed and sensitive from the inside out.  

Ultracalming cleanser 250 ml from Dermatological – R690.00

For those with serious skincare goals, be sure to wash your body and face thoroughly in the morning and evening. When it comes to your face, following your bath, apply cleanser to your skin. If you are doing all this, you’re building up strong foundations to tune up your complexion so that it’s functioning at its best! We also advise you to choose the right formula cleanser for your skin – body, and face – so that it doesn’t strip any essential oils that your skin needs.  

#2 Must-Have Skincare Product: Anti-Aging Serum

Over the past months, we’ve all felt like we aged a few years. You’re not alone. But with Annique’s Forever Young Anti-Aging Serum you can reduce the signs of aging on your face. Your skin will definitely become velvety soft with this serum’s botanical stem cells protecting the longevity of your skins’ epidermal and dermal stem cells.  With this must-have skincare product, your skin stem cells will be revived, protected against UV stress, and provide deep-seated rejuvenation. 

FY Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml from Annique – R679.00

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Serum 30ml from NB – R380.00 

Let’s get serious about serum! It’s important to massage the serum deep into the skin in an upward direction. Remember that serum is not like thick face cream or moisturisers. Serum needs to be applied on the face in small tapping motions with your fingertips and not rubbed excessively in attempts for the serum to be absorbed. It’s about leaving it to absorb on its own.

#3 Must-Have Skincare Product: Moisturizer (Full-body and Face)

A must-have skincare product you just have to incorporate into your skincare routine every day is a moisturizer. Remember, use a facial moisturizer and a body moisturizer. And not just any moisturizer. One that provides deep hydration to your skin and, with regular use, enhances cellular renewal to leave your face and body feeling silky soft!

Texture Correction Lotion from Dr Dermal – R595.00 

Day Cream 50ml from Chardine – R360.00

For soft, hydrated skin, be sure to pick the right moisturizer for you according to your skin type and needs. The texture of your moisturizer will differ depending on your skin type, as well as the application timing – whether it’s during the day or at night.

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Whether you’re young, old, wrinkled, or baby-skinned, being serious about your skincare – from the body to face – means you can face the world with glowing skin year upon year.  Great skin is not a matter of DNA, but rather your daily skincare habits. Fortunately for you, Payflex has a range of skincare products that get you loving what you see in the mirror and feel good in your own skin!