Shop Liquor Online: Niche Alcohol Brands for the Discerning Drinker

The taste of wine on a cosy evening is hard to beat, right? Whether it’s a glass of wine with dinner or a brew at a rugby stadium, liquor plays a major role in the South African social culture. As a result, choosing to shop liquor online from our browsers is becoming increasingly common. 

If you are in a hurry to get to the liquor store, you’re looking for something uncommon, or you need to set aside money, purchasing alcohol online is the best choice. In addition to accommodations and investment funds, buying liquor online offers many other advantages. 

Here we look at just some of the niche alcohol brands you can buy right here!

Gratifyingly Sweet

Whether you are a savvy enthusiast or a complete novice, this one will leave you wanting more! Wolfburn Small-batch bourbon whiskey is slowly matured over five years in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels and then finished for six months in first-fill ex-Madeira hogsheads. A gratifyingly sweet bourbon with a deep, vibrant flavour, rich in colour and warmth, and perfect for any season or occasion.

Wolfburn Small Batch Rel. No. 204 Madeira Cask – R1,450.00

Revealed – The Secret To Jaw-Dropping Wine

Of course, finding good wine can be challenging because there are so many different producers. However, the secret to a jaw-dropping South African wine lies in exploring the area. The top-rated wines gravitate from vineyards on alluvial fans of the granite mountains. Wines from these locations are often described as having an ultra-fine mineral note which is believed to be from the decomposed granite soils. The Stellenbosch granite mountains are approximately 600 million years old, over three times as old as soils in Napa.

This 1679 variety box is packed with 4 of Stellenbosch’s finest.

Stellenbosch 1679 – Variety Box – R1,040.00

The Bitter Truth That Takes You Around The World

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set can easily fit your hand luggage and is the perfect friend for globetrotters who won’t settle for less than the very best drinks on the flight! The five different flavours in a beautifully designed tin box are also the perfect addition to your home bar. An excellent selection of Aromatic, Orange, Celery, Creole and Jerry Thomas bitters gives you a wide range of flavours like gingerbread, spicy orange, lemongrass, and floral tastes that take you around the globe, especially ig you love to shop liquor online.

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set – R399.00

Born Out of Friendship

Amstel stands for true friendship and innovation, and since 1870, two best buddies and brothers-in-law brewed a high-quality beer, Amstel, for all those people and moments in life that are so valuable that they should be savoured and so good they have to be shared. Slightly malty grainy-caramelised flavour with nondescript hops bitterness. Yep, it’s Amstel! Now available in 115 markets around the world and remains the true friend of beer across the world.

Amstel NRB 24 x 330ml – R300.06

Couch Surfers Get Lucky!

Online drinks shopping puts a wide selection of beverages at your fingertips. Payflex has spread your brand of quenchers across South Africa and increasing distribution with an easy buy now, pay later policy. So lucky couch surfers now have access to an endless variety at the click of a button.