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Elevate your living space without delay by shopping stunning serveware, impeccably crafted crockery, chic lamps and so much more now at Carrol Boyes with our easy, convenient Payflex payment plan. With our partnership with Carrol Boyes, you can say goodbye to budget concerns and welcome a world of shopping convenience as you Buy Now, Pay Later with the power of Payflex!

Whether you’re looking for designer bowls that dazzle, captivating centrepieces or unique office accessories, Carrol Boyes and Payflex have teamed up to redefine your shopping experience by making your favourite items accessible now, not later. With Payflex’s zero-fee payment plan, revamping your home or office with the finest-quality ware from the Carrol Boyes online collection becomes as simple as a few clicks. So go ahead and create your very own Carrol Boyes home collection today, without any hassle, when you Buy Now and Pay Later with Payflex.

Elegant Ware Meets Effortless Payment with Carrol Boyes & Payflex

Our incredible payment partnership means that you can shop the Carrol Boyes range online and with one simple initial payment with Payflex, get access to the very best to elevate your spaces or secure the perfect gift. With our zero-fee payment plan, you can immerse yourself in the world of exquisite functional art pieces by Carrol Boyes without worrying about upfront payments.

So shop Carrol Boyes online with Payflex and enjoy the freedom of securing your favourite items with just 4 straightforward interest-free instalments over 6 weeks. Whether it’s a statement serving platter, bathroom accessory or any other masterpiece from the Carrol Boyes collection, revolutionise your shopping journey with the simplicity and flexibility of Payflex’s Buy Now, Pay Later payment solution.

How? It’s simple!

How to Use Payflex at Carrol Boyes

  1. Shop Carrol Boyes’ exclusive selection online and when you’re ready to checkout, opt for Payflex as your preferred payment method.
  2. Then, register for your Payflex account by providing your details. We’ll do a quick assessment and then once you’re approved, make your initial payment and voila! Your order will be processed for delivery or pick-up.
  3. Secure your Payflex account with a personalised password and enjoy the freedom of Buy Now, Pay Later every time you shop.


Experience the simplicity, convenience and confidence that come when you shop at Carrol Boyes and pay using Payflex’s payment solution. With our incredible Payflex and Carrol Boyes payment collaboration, you can redefine the way you adorn your space and access Carrol Boyes’ artistic treasures without delay or stress. Shop at Carrol Boyes with Payflex today and bring a designer’s touch into all your spaces!

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