Ho Ho Ho! Sexy, Santa-Approved Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

If Santa knew what you have in mind for your significant other this Christmas, there is no doubt you would be on his naughty list. So embrace the season’s festivity and put your bae at the top of your wish list. Get ready to turn that boring bedtime routine into something a little sexier with these kinky Christmas gift ideas.

5 Sexy Christmas Gift Ideas To Heat Up the Festive Season

Roll The Dice And Add Some Spice

Suggestive games are always great for stimulating some fun. With this specific dice game,  there are no double 6’s to throw but rather 3 individual dice, each with a significantly sexy roll (no pun intended). Just throw the dice and follow the instructions: Perform the action on the specific body area and at the place suggested by the dice. Who knows, maybe you could learn a thing or two and get lucky?

Dressing Up For Christmas Is Underrated

Some sensual lingerie is always a game changer. Surprise your significant other with the hottest Christmas gift ever, and see what happens next. Appearance ‘gives rise’ to confidence, which may be what your relationship is lacking.

Don’t Put This One Under The Christmas Tree

Some packages should be kept away from the shade of your Christmas Tree, no matter how big they are. Have a look at the variety of adult toys to choose from and pick the one that resonates. Christmas gift ideas like these are unmatched, so please, don’t be a buzzkill.

Santa Needs More Elves

Get your partner into the theme of things this Christmas with some erotic elf lingerie. It’s not the costume you want to wear over family Christmas crackers, but it’s sure to turn your current bedtime reading session into something a little more playful.

Turn Up The Heat

Give your bae a massage to remember this Christmas. Use one of Cupid’s Christmas Candles to gently pour some hot wax onto your partner’s skin. Christmas gifts like these candles are sure to bring that flame of passion back.

Payflex Is The Ultimate Climax

We know Christmas shopping can be daunting, and you are probably looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for your partner. Luckily, Payflex is here to help you stoke that flame and get extra festive. With Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), you can pay for the sexiest Christmas gifts up front and pay it back in 4 instalments over 6 weeks at 0% interest. If that isn’t the sexiest thing you have heard in this article, then I don’t know what is. So use the magic in the air this festive season to bring back the passion; just make sure Santa doesn’t climb down the chimney while you’re at it!