Say “Hi” to Definition! In-Vogue Smart TVs For Sale

Everybody has a smartphone these days. How can you get by without one? It’s difficult to imagine an era without the facilities that a smartphone offers even the most tech-illiterate user. Well, we’re here to tell you that televisions are heading the same way. That’s right. You might soon be on the hunt for smart TVs for sale.

But, with a kajillion different types of TVs for sale, how the heck to figure out which one is worth the price tag and which one is scarcely any better than watching Netflix on your ancient laptop?

Maybe you’ve already begun your search, and that’s what brings you to this insightful article. Well done, you! You’ve come to the right place. The Payflex store directory is packed with smart TVs for sale. Plus, they’re all on offer on a Buy Now, Pay Later basis. You could be watching House of the Dragon in glorious, ultra-HD tonight and only pay for your TV purchase later!

Sound good? That was a rhetorical question. We know how good this sounds. Stay tuned to browse the options that we have in our extensive store directory, and to learn more about how BNPL is going to ramp up your home entertainment system.

Shop the smart way – shop with Payflex

Before you begin your great TV hunt, why not up your shopping experience? Payflex’s Buy Now, Pay Later lets you get all the goodies you want, which you’ll pay off in 4 instalments over 6 weeks – completely interest-free! Now there’s no excuse not to get that totally tech-ed out TV you’ve been dreaming of! Go on, sign up with Payflex and grab what you love, you deserve it!

It’s a love connection: smart TVs for sale from Incredible Connection 

Incredible Connection boasts an incredible selection of top-of-the-line brands and models, but did you know that they were a Payflex partner? Considering that many of the highly-coveted tech toys and gadgets that are stocked at Incredible Connection, it can be difficult to budget for big purchases like a laptop or a smart TV.

That’s no longer the case when you check out with Payflex! And when it comes to finding smart TVs for sale, it’s a match made in digital heaven. Incredible Connection stocks a vast range of smart TVs. They boast big name brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung. A lot of these smart TVs boast nifty features like integrations with Google TV, Apple AirPlay, Apple HomeKit, and Bluetooth.

If it’s variety that you’re looking for, then we can’t recommend Incredible Connection highly enough. The sheer range of options available to you is sure to get your pulse fluttering. After all, who doesn’t love a good gogglebox?

Lifestyle TVs for sale on Takealot

Look, not everybody is into the idea of having a TV in their living room. Even with the more modern slim, sleek, and sexy designs, they take up a lot of space and can ruin the aesthetic of a carefully curated living space.

So, imagine our surprise and delight when Samsung announced The Frame and The Serif smart TVs! The Samsung Frame is designed to blend into your living space like an actual piece of art. It comes with a wall mount and an optional frame so that you can hang the TV flush against your wall like a real painting.

Furthermore, when you’re not watching TV, the built-in Ambient Mode displays gorgeous art and photos. The result? An everlasting picture frame with a constant rotation of beautiful artwork! Gone are the days when a blocky, black screen hangs out of place in the middle of your colourful living room wall.

On the other hand, the Samsung Serif is designed to blend into the furniture of your room. Instead of a frame and a wall mount, the Serif comes mounted on a stylish stand which allows it to melt into the landscape of your floor space. Like The Frame, The Serif comes equipped with Ambient Mode, which displays serene works of art and photography to bring a touch of style into whatever room you put it in.

The best news of all? You can find both The Frame and The Serif as smart TVs for sale on Takealot! Indeed, you can find an incredibly wide range of smart TVs for sale on the site. Happy shopping!


Whatever your requirements for a smart TV are, we’ve got you covered. Looking for a screen disguised as an artwork worthy of a museum? We got you, boo. Looking for TVs for sale that will take you to the heights of high-definition home entertainment? Don’t sweat it! Payflex’s store directory has got it all.

Look. We know that high definition comes at a high price. When it comes to tech like this, you get what you pay for. But don’t go breaking the bank over a liquid crystal display! Payflex makes it possible to bring your TV home today and only pay for it later! All you have to do is put down 25% of the total cost upfront, cart your telly home, and pay the outstanding amount in four instalments spread over six weeks. The best part? Zero. Percent. Interest. We’re not kidding.

Tech the television of your dreams home today by flipping through the Payflex store directory!