5 Nutritional Supplements You Need For Your Summer Body

As summer gets closer, we’re all starting to dream of the beach trips and fun outdoor activities we plan to do. For some of us, this excitement also comes with a familiar feeling of trepidation. After all, we’ve just spent 3+ months pretty much indoors, with exercise on the back burner, making us think twice about hitting the beach in a bikini or shorts. Along with some routine workouts, taking nutritional supplements can help you get those lean, toned muscles and feel healthy and confident! Take a look at some essential vitamins that can help you looking and feeling your best for this summer:

  • Please remember to always consult with a doctor before taking any nutritional or health supplements.

Vitamin B Nutritional Supplements

B vitamins assist in protein and energy metabolism. They essentially help your body convert protein, carbohydrates, and fat into energy. It also aids in muscle and nerve function by helping the brain and muscles to communicate effectively. On top of this B vitamins also support haemoglobin, which helps to carry oxygen to cells in the body, which is necessary for energy production, especially during exercise.

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Protein and Amino Acids

Protein is essential for healthy muscle, bone, tissue, and organ repair and maintenance. It’s made up of smaller components called amino acids, also known as “the building blocks of life”. Our bodies need amino acids to form protein which it uses to build and repair cells in our bones, muscles, and organs. It also helps our bodies to produce antibodies, fueling our immune systems and assists in hormone regulation.

Life Extension Branched Chain Amino Acids, 90 Capsules- R375.00

Vitamin C Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin C  has a number of important roles within our bodies. Primarily it acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from damage that comes from free radicals (compounds found in the environment and in the breakdown of foods that can damage cells). Our bodies also need vitamin c to produce collagen, a protein responsible for healthy joints and elasticity in the skin. In addition, it can help our immune systems fight off infections.

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Magnesium is a nutrient that we often forget about or overlook, but it plays a crucial role in our muscle health and functioning. Aiding in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, it can also help with relieving muscle cramps, and boost muscle recovery. Magnesium also assists in nervous system regulation by helping to regulate the function of neurotransmitters.

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Omega-3 Nutritional Supplements

Omega-3 are fatty acids that our body cannot produce on its own, but needs for a variety of purposes. They’re called Omega-3 because 3 types exist: ALA, EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have been shown to have several benefits including lowering the risk of heart disease and strokes, reducing inflammation in the blood vessels and joints, and reducing high blood pressure.

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