How to Encourage Your Customers to Shop Online Responsibly

As a merchant, you don’t only want online customers to shop at your online store, but you want them to shop responsibly.  

Turn your online store into a destination rather than just a store

While showcasing the best quality products online with the aim of selling, you want to offer more than lists and lists of items. 

The reason is for this to promote responsible buying, but also value-add services that offer an experience. By turning your online store into a destination, rather than just a store, you’ll avoid impulsive buying and overspending. 

With educational resources, advice content and online, your customers can spend more time on your e-commerce store without having to spend every moment spending past their budget. 

An eCommerce destination creates experiences and responsible buying!  

Are you encouraging customers to shop online responsibly in terms of local items and ‘green’ items? 

Responsible shopping also covers local shopping and the purchasing of green and organic items. As merchants, it’s important to offer support to local businesses and providers and list their items on your eCommerce site. The same can be said about green and organic items. 

With this, merchants can encourage online customers with encouraging content on their sites and calls to action. As businessblog says, “Shoppers will make all effort to purchase only ‘green’ items, such as organic, fair-trade, from sustainable sources or where the seller commits to passing on a portion of their profits to a worthy cause etc.” 

“Doing some homework [for your shoppers’ online prior to [them] purchasing, to confirm that the item or product is the best value in the current market and will it perform the task you’re intending to use it for.” 

Helping your customers to shop online responsibly is critical to your business growth

As we discussed in a previous blog, you can help your online customers to shop more responsibly by offering money-saving deals and different payment methods. 

“You can help your customers shop responsibly by having other payment options at your checkout. This allows your customers to shop without the need for money lending. For example, Payflex is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution that is interest-free and has zero fees. The customer pays for their purchases in four instalments, risk-free.” 

The blog continues, “It’s a win-win model. To explain, it decreases your cart abandonment rates by 30% (hello more sales!) and your shoppers exercise a responsible paying decision. This results in a sustainable relationship and nurtures return visits. “

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