Black Friday 2023: 7 tips to get your business in the black

Is your eCommerce site ready for Black Friday 2023?

There’s no question that it is one of the most highly anticipated days on the annual shopping calendar. If you aren’t prepared, you could miss out on an opportunity to boost sales and increase your bottom line. Moreover, with eCommerce getting more and more overcrowded, you need to work even harder to stand out from your competitors.  We outline 7 essential tips to power your eCommerce marketing strategy this Black Friday.

Plan what Black Friday 2023 deals you’re going to offer

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as plastering a “15% off everything” across your website.  You need to plan exactly what products you plan to promote. Consider offering a discount on your best sellers to incentivise shoppers. It also is an ideal opportunity to get rid of old stock.

Offer an online shopping teaser

Don’t wait until the day of Black Friday to announce your deals. Start advertising your offers as soon as possible. In addition, consider giving your existing customers a sneak peek, or building up momentum via social media or email marketing. Remember, it’s important to continue marketing and advertising your Black Friday 2023 offers to stay top of mind with shoppers.

Be available to customers 24/7

Customer service is a key competitive differentiator. Set yourself apart this Black Friday 2023 by ensuring you’re available to address customer concerns no matter what time of day or night. This can be achieved by setting up a live chat function on your website. Remember, your customers expect quick responses and professional. In addition, a  live chat function can be valuable for cross and up-selling.

Give customers a personalised user experience

With so many offers competing for customer attention, a blanket spray and pray approach is unlikely to work. Tailor your offers by segmenting your audience according to age and preferences in order to ensure they receive offers that will actually appeal to them.

Offer more than just discounts

It’s a good idea to offer more than just a discount. Offering free shipping, returns and giveaways will help your store stand out in a sea of competitors.

Make online checkouts as seamless as possible

Seamless checkout is a vital strategy for success on Black Friday 2023. Therefore, make it as simple as possible for the consumer to check out. Remove any unnecessary steps and potential roadblocks by enabling customers to checkout as guests. In addition, make sure you offer a number of preferred payment methods like Payflex BNPL at checkout.

Remember, in such a competitive space, a customer will simply go elsewhere if you do not offer their desired payment method. Customers will be drawn to alternative payment methods like Payflex’ buy now pay later platform that will enable them to get what they need on the day, and only pay later minus the interest and fees.

Keep the deals coming after Black Friday 2023

When Black Friday is over,  don’t stop marketing your products! Harness the Cyber Monday and holiday season hype and keep the momentum going by continuing to offer great deals.