How Retailers can Prepare for Black Friday 2022

Black Friday 2022 is around the corner. Is your eCommerce store ready? With the recent boost in online shopping, it’s no wonder that Black Friday 2021 was a much bigger deal than in 2020. Early data shows an increase between 15% and 30% in online spending. Black Friday 2022 is only going to get bigger!

Ecommerce retailers will therefore need to find strategic ways to stand out from the competition, drive conversions, and create a sense of urgency. Payflex outlines 8 essential tips to ensure eCommerce retailers are prepared for one of the year’s biggest shopping events. 

1. Get personal 

In a 2019 survey by PWC, 85% of South Africans surveyed confirmed that they intended to buy something or would consider it if there is a good enough deal. But with competition to be even tighter for Black Friday 2022, retailers need to go a step further by keeping it personal. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, analyze previous data and target your customers based on their previous interests. Tailored offers will be sure to set you apart and help you cut through the noise. 

2. Look beyond 25 November 2022

Don’t limit yourself to running a Black Friday special on the day itself. In a survey conducted by Geopoll on South African shoppers, 78% said they had shopped during early Black Friday sales. Similarly, the mega online retailer, Takealot, will be running the popular Blue Dot Sale 2022 where shoppers can once again expect only the best Black Friday deals. So, instead of focusing only on 25 November, extend your campaign by a week or two, or even for the entire month.  Consider offering special deals on specific products for a few days.

3. Make sure your site can handle the extra traffic

A website crash during peak Black Friday 2022 shopping times could cost you significantly. Ensure that the multitudes of online shoppers flocking to your website enjoy a seamless user experience when shopping for Black Friday sales. Ensure your site is able to handle a spike in traffic.  We suggest conducting a stress test on your site to better understand your store’s speed, reliability and customer experience. 

4. Provide incentives to existing customers

Black Friday 2022 offers an ideal opportunity to thank your existing customers for their loyalty. Offer your subscribers perks like Black Friday deal sneak peaks (insight into some of the deals that will be available), extra discounts (take another 10% off because you’re a subscriber), or early bird shopping (Give subscribers an exclusive discount code to shop a few days before everyone else).

5. Make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible

Ensure the shopping experience is as seamless as possible. Your goal should be to get customers to convert in as few clicks as possible. Online shoppers are most turned off by a poorly designed menu (41.2%), followed by search capabilities that are too basic (29.8%) and products that are buried behind too much branding (26.4%). Make sure users do not have too many hurdles to jump through in order to successfully check-out

6. Tap into the sense of FOMO 

South Africans are the third most discount-obsessed shoppers in the world, according to Nielsen. Create a sense of urgency to push conversion rates higher. Add a countdown banner for when specific sales will end and clearly mark limited stock on your site. Indicators like ‘already in 4 other shopping carts’ or ‘valid for the next 5 minutes’ can encourage people to buy.

7. Is your site geared for SEO?

SEO plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness. Review your site’s e-Commerce SEO strategy and ensure you are using relevant, targeted keywords to drive traffic to your site. It is also worth ensuring you have strong key-word enabled content that will further boost visits to your site. 

8. Harness the power of social media

According to PWC, social media was the top source of deals information in 2019, with 48% of male and 52% of female shoppers researching their purchases via this avenue. The power of social media in driving sales and traffic therefore cannot be ignored. Craft targeted strategies to ensure your Black Friday 2022 promotions reach as many people within your target audience as possible.