The Payment Gateway in South Africa: How Can It Benefit Your eCommerce Store?

The online shopping platform has seen a surge in growth over the years, especially in South Africa. A payment gateway is crucial for any online store to secure customers’ personal information. While payment merchants and payment gateways used to operate separately, many have evolved and integrated to provide an all-in-one solution.

The Benefits of a Payment Gateway

Secure connections

The most important benefit of a payment gateway is protecting sensitive, personal information using industry-standard encryption. This protects buyers as well as merchants from fraud.

A payment gateway allows for convenience and faster payments

The biggest selling point of online shipping is the convenience and availability 24/7. A gateway allows consumers to make purchases immediately without waiting in a queue as they would in a physical store. Also, while being much faster than manual processing, it boosts sales. Many online shoppers are impulse buyers, and the decreased waiting times ensure purchases are made before they have a chance to change their minds.

Greater customer base

With a payment gateway, your customer base can grow exponentially. Customers from around the world have access to your online store, and with increasing confidence in payment gateways, consumers are not afraid to search globally for the best prices and products.

A payment gateway creates a better user experience

By bundling payment gateways with shopping cart software, consumers can select multiple products from a store and add them to their virtual shopping cart at a click of a button. The software then calculates the cost of all the items, shipping, and tax when the customer completes the purchase at checkout. This integrated system costs a bit more but allows the entire process to be done digitally without the need for an employee to be physically present.

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