Does Your Startup Need Business Funding? Get It With Payflex!

Hey – if you’re running a startup, there’s only one thing that remains constant: funding. We’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that you’re thinking about startup business funding options. If you weren’t, why did you click on this blog in the first place? Alright. Come along. Let’s get into this.

Startups famously face a lot of challenges, but by far one of the biggest ones is sourcing the funds that you need to grow your business. When it comes to crunch time, lots of startups turn to venture capitalists or angel investors to get the money that they need. While this is one solution, it’s not the only one.

Payflex offers startup business funding to help businesses stimulate cash flow and take their businesses to the next level. After all, sometimes all we need is a leg-up, right? We’ve got you covered.

Do you need business startup funding?

Maybe you’re reading this idly while your coffee brews and wondering, “Do I even need startup funding for my business?” Look. We won’t bore you with any obvious answers. You can read about the Five Reasons Businesses Need Funding to Survive if you want a deep dive into the reasons why your startup needs business funding.

But, for the purposes of this article, we’ll answer your question. Have you just started a business? Then you’re likely going to need some startup capital. Have you already started your business? Congratulations! You’ve done the hardest part. But, now, you’re probably running into cash flow problems which are threatening to strangle the viable growth of your precious baby.

Let’s say, for the sake of this argument, that your business is past its infancy. Good for you! Now you’re scaling up, right? That means bigger assets and operational costs – things like vehicles, machinery, and more staff on your team. Huh. You’re going to need startup business funding to protect that precious profit margin, too.

Okay, okay. Let’s say that I’m speaking to Kylie Jenner, renowned billionaire running a makeup empire. Kylie, you’ve made it to the top. Why on earth would you be interested in startup business funding now? Well, you might be looking at preserving the legacy of your empire. You’re going to want to invest now, right? You shouldn’t be using your salary to do that! Business funding can be the key you need to unlock long-term investments which ensure lifelong prosperity.

The business funding solution for your startup

We’re taking a gamble here. You’re not Kylie Jenner. You’re just a regular, hardworking entrepreneur trying to start or run a small business from a studio, a spare room, or your mum’s garage. Are there any South African business funding solutions built for someone like you?

Well, answer a few of our questions first, okay? It’s only fair. Are you a South African entrepreneur looking for:

  • Cash flow solutions right now – like, as in, within 24 hours?
  • A digital funding application process which does not entail sitting in stuffy queues for seven hours at a time?
  • Fixed funding costs with no surprise fees?
  • A funding application which doesn’t require a library’s worth of documentation to submit?

If you answered even one of our questions in the affirmative, then we have something that might just do the trick. Payflex has partnered with Merchant Capital to offer flexiadvance, the ideal working capital solution for retailers.

How to apply for business funding from Merchant Capital

We understand that, as a local entrepreneur who needs quick, viable startup business funding solutions, you’re under a lot of pressure. If you read the super-simple application process, you. might find that your business funding woes are at an end.

This is how to apply for your Merchant Capital-powered flexiadvance:

  1. Apply through the Payflex portal
  2. You’ve got mail! Your flexiadvance offer will arrive via email
  3.  Customise the offer to best serve your business funding needs
  4. Sign your digital contract (we told you – no queues!)
  5. Receive your funds in under 24 hours

You can use your flexiadvance how you see fit! It’s the optimal startup business funding solution for the following challenges:

  • Bulk stock purchases
  • Refurbishments and renovations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Tech and equipment updates

The world is your oyster. We’re just here to help you get your pearl!


Payflex and Merchant Capital have identified a niche in the financial services sector. For small business owners like you, there are gaps in traditional funding routes which threaten the growth of your business. We’ve made it easy for you to secure the funding that you need at precisely the moment that you need it most. Plant the seeds of business prosperity by applying through the Payflex portal.