Integrating Payflex into your OpenCart eCommerce Store

What is OpenCart?


OpenCart is an opensource eCommerce platform that allows you to build and maintain an online store.

What are the benefits of OpenCart eCommerce?

Free to use

OpenCart comes with free downloads and updates, and won’t charge you any monthly fees.

Metrics and reports

OpenCart offers a well-designed dashboard that’s easy to use and understand. You can use the dashboard to have a look at different site metrics: who’s visiting your store, which pages do they visit, how long do they spend on a page? Using the metrics you can improve your site and better target your customers.

Wide range of themes and customisations

You can easily change the look of your store, without needing to understand web design. OpenCart has over 13 000 modules and themes available in their marketplace. Almost every service, sector, and industry are represented in different themes – so whether you’re designing a site for a bakery or building supply store, you will find a theme suited to your needs. Customisations allow you to easily integrate social media and other add-ons into your storefront.

Help when you need it

OpenCart is an open-source community, but that doesn’t mean you can only ask the OpenCart community for help when you’ve got problems. There is a dedicated technical support service that is available through the platform. You need to pay extra for this service but it’s often worth paying to have the support of a true expert with a short response time.

A global solution

OpenCart supports a number of different languages and currencies, making it easy to sell goods overseas.

Easy payment processing

OpenCart easily integrates with a number of eCommerce payment gateways. Adding a payment gateway like Payflex to your site is easy and trouble-free.

What is an eCommerce payment gateway?

Once you’ve set up an eCommerce store using OpenCart, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or another eCommerce platform, you’ll need to add a payment gateway to your site so that customers can pay you using their credit card. Payflex is a leading South African payment gateway that offers seamless integration with all the top eCommerce platforms.

What is the best eCommerce payment gateway for OpenCart?

Payflex is a secure, easy-to-use payment gateway that integrates with OpenCart.

Payflex is a South African payment gateway that integrates with all major eCommerce platforms. You can use it to safely and securely accept credit card, debit card and cheque card payments from your customers. Payflex also offers a ‘Shop now, Pay later’ option, allowing customers to make a purchase and pay it off over 6 weeks.

A special OpenCart add-on has been developed that will allow you to quickly and easily add a Payflex payment solution to your site.

Sign up for Payflex

To get Payflex up and running on your OpenCart store get in touch with us today. We’ll help you set up your merchant account and guide you through the process of integrating Payflex into your existing site.

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