The eCommerce Launch Checklist Every Merchant Needs

Ready, Set, Launch! There are over 1.8 billion websites and new sites launched every minute of the day.  But how many of them actually follow a proper eCommerce launch checklist?

Launching a website involves a lot of moving parts which is why it can be easy to forget important things. Taking the time to run through a solid eCommerce launch checklist might be all it takes to be one step ahead of your competition. Cover all your bases and make sure you don’t forget any important details by reading our detailed eCommerce launch checklist.

Double and triple check content

Nothing says unprofessional more than grammar and spelling mistakes. Which is why site content is one of the most important things to consider for your eCommerce launch checklist.  Make sure the entire website has been proofread for spelling and grammar.  Remember, proofreading is not only about spelling and grammar. Make sure the tone of your writing reflects your brand identity.

Is the User Experience Optimised?

User experience is another important consideration on your eCommerce launch checklist. The key to ensuring your eCommerce site is successful, is to ensure an optimised user experience. Check out overall experience through the eyes of a consumer. Make sure you make it as easy as possible for the customer to convert.

Check your site speed

Is there anything more frustrating than arriving on a website and it takes ages to load? And in our digital realities, even the slightest delay can send users back to the search tab. Google’s Page Speed Insights is a speed testing tool that scores your site speed  from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better the speed.

Make sure your site’s easy to navigate

Another vital thing on your eCommerce launch checklist is navigation. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website is, it HAS to be easy to navigate.  In addition, make sure the website is compatible across browsers and devices. Google offers a mobile testing tool to determine how your site appears on mobile. Simply input your URL and it will run a full analysis of your site. Another thing to check is that all internal links across web pages are working properly.

Image optimisation

Images and graphics are key element of  your website. Make sure they display properly, especially across all devices. Check that all images have alt text for SEO purposes. In addition, use quality descriptions when naming images as this helps with SEO. It is also important to ensure your images are not too large as this could slow down your entire site.

Secure your website

It is vital to take the security of your site seriously from the very beginning. Therefore, it should be one of the top priorities on your eCommerce launch checklist. Make sure you add HTTPS as most browsers flag all non-HTTPS websites as not secure. Add an SSL certificate as well as anti-malware software. In addition, ensure you keep all software and plugins up-to-date. Moreover, you need to ensure your website is protected against spam. This can be done by installing a plugin via your eCommerce platform.

Check payment gateways are working

Payments are the most vital part of your website. Which is why they should remain a top priority on your eCommerce launch checklist. Before hitting the go-live button, ensure all payment gateways are working and ready to accept payments.

Ecommerce launch checklist: Have you ticked all the boxes?

Many different parts have to come together when creating a website.  Which is why in today’s competitive eCommerce space, an eCommerce launch checklist is essential. Launch day should be a day of celebration. Not one of stress.  Which is why you need to ensure all issues are ironed out before going live. After all, first impressions are lasting! Make sure you check everything extremely carefully to ensure everything’s perfect when you finally go live. Trust us, you’ll thank us!