High Demand Products To Sell Online

High Demand Products To Sell Online

It’s simple. High demand products sell. But, as an eCommerce merchant, how do you know which products actually sell online? It’s vital to get your product offering right. Especially in today’s highly competitive eCommerce environment. And with 68% of  South African consumers  shopping more online since the onset of pandemic, it’s time to sit up and take notice of what they want.

Here at Payflex, we’ve done all the heavy lifting. We outline all the high demand products you should consider stocking on your virtual shelves. Check them out below:

Airtime & Data Tops High Demand Products

Ecommerce means there’s no longer a need to go into a store to top up your airtime or data. Which is why data and airtime top the list of high demand products online on South Africa. This is echoed by a Mastercard survey which found 81% of consumers purchased more data and airtime online since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Clothing & Footwear

Clothing and footwear are among the most popular categories among South African online shoppers in 2021. This is according to a recent Deloitte report  and mirrors global trends. The Mastercard survey echoes this, finding 56% of consumers purchased more clothing online since the start of the pandemic. Equally, the 2021 World Wide Worx report found clothing was one of the categories experiencing the highest growth after airtime and top-up at 56%. High demand products in this category include loungewear, athleisure and sneakers.


A growing number of South Africans are going online to purchase their groceries.  This is reflected by a significant rise in first-time users of online grocery services in 2020. South African consumers are drawn to the convenience and ease offered by online grocery shopping, making these services high demand products.  Fifty four percent of consumers have purchased more groceries online since the start of the pandemic. The World Wide Worx report echoes these findings. While Standard Bank data shows there was an 84% increase in the value of online spend at supermarkets and grocery stores year-on-year in 2020. At the same time, 65% of South Africans plan to shop for groceries in-store less since the pandemic. In addition, there’s a significant focus on locally made, sustainably sourced grocery items.

Finding your niche

With significant competition in the eCommerce space, it is important to remember you can’t be everything to everybody. The best thing to do is find a niche. Try and focus on one or two high demand products. This may seem counterproductive, but trust us it isn’t. Not only will it simplify your marketing efforts, but you’ll create a more loyal customer base.

Bottom line, consumer demands change all the time. Which is why it’s vital to always keep your finger on the pulse. Taking time to listen and get to know your customers will equip you with the tools you need to actually give them what they want. And in turn, you will not only create significant loyalty and robust customer relationships, but will start to see your conversions increase.