How to Make Your eCommerce Integration Work Even Harder

Integrating customer-orientated services and features is the best way to ensure success in e-commerce. The ultimate aim of e-commerce integration services is to attract more and more customers to stack up the conversion ratio. If you are facing difficulties in managing the traffic of an e-commerce store that you are representing, don’t stress you’re not alone. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to make your eCommerce integration stand out from the competition.

5 Simple eCommerce Integration Tips

1. Use top social media tools

Creating a compelling social media post attracts the interest of users to an e-commerce store. Currently, every e-commerce client focuses on running paid campaigns through social media platforms.

The productivity associated with the campaigns is no doubt worth the investment. And to manage campaigns and social media, you need to use the best tools. Check the performance and the review stats before you integrate them with the e-commerce store.

2. Enable account creation extensions

When visiting any e-commerce store and you will always find it is mandatory to create an account before buying a product. Failing to do so results in you not being eligible to make any transactions. So you might be thinking, “But why is creating an account mandatory? Customers could simply pay the amount and grab their wares.” But it isn’t that simple.

When creating an account, the customer registers their personal details with service providers. Later, these details are used to reward the programs for email marketing and suggestive products, amongst others. Creating an account also improves the sales ratio directly, without any extra investments. So it does create an extra step upfront, but it is an eCommerce integration that will benefit your business in the long term.

3. Use responsive templates and themes

Every device across the board is compatible with responsive themes, whether you are accessing a mobile device, website, or desktop. And it is vital to have a responsive site to complete orders today. More than 50% of users say that they won’t recommend a business that has a poorly-designed site. If your website isn’t responsive, then that means you are losing customers.

When starting up your business, there is no need to invest in a separate mobile app. Responsive templates and themes are available on the internet, and whichever platform you choose, you must get the best responsive theme for your website to give your customers the best shopping experience that is mobile-friendly.

4. Create attractive content

It is a competitive market, and it is the great content that improves customer experience and sales. Improving conversion rates also applies to good content. That is why content marketing is part of many eCommerce integration strategies. They use both video and written content to attract the audience’s interest.

5. Give that one-click checkout process

It is the simple logic that satisfies your customers and makes great sales, and that is an easy and flexible experience where they are satisfied with your features which steers them to browse your products.

Simply explained. Customers don’t want to be trapped in complicated procedures, especially when it comes to shopping. They want to add products to their cart and directly proceed to checkout. If there are added complications, you will be risking the loss of valuable customers if there are complications between purchase and checkout. And then, your competitors have those minutes to run ahead and win the game. Providing a great user experience by implementing the click-of-a-button ordering feature on any shopping website keeps you in front of the rest.

More payment options on the website also need to be integrated because different customers have different payment preferences. You need to offer various different payment options to cater to your customer’s needs.

The five steps listed here can help you make your e-commerce integration work harder and will help you improve your sales extensively. But before you make any changes, seek a consultation. You can learn more about e-commerce success strategies with dedicated and experienced e-commerce experts. 

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