Loungewear and the other fashion trends shaping 2020

Loungewear and the other fashion trends shaping 2020

There’s no corner of everyday life that COVID-19 hasn’t transformed including the way we dress.  The pandemic has had a significant influence on 2020’s fashion trends.  Social distancing and working from home have significantly shifted consumer demand for workwear and going-out attire, to items suitable for comfort at home, forcing retailers to quickly adapt to these changing consumer demands. 

According to the 2020 Lyst Index, athleisure, sandals and face masks are among the most popular fashion trends for this year. 

The report noted a 106% increase in demand for loungewear and activewear, as consumers sought comfortable clothes to wear at home, as well as attire for exercise and outdoor activities. The report also found the global demand for fashion face masks rose by 441% quarter-on-quarter. 

Savvy online shoppers will likely now see new sections on their favourite online stores including  ‘casual’, ‘activewear’ and ‘basics’. 

We take a closer look at these fashion trends in our Store Directory, and examine how they are shaping 2020.  One thing is certainly clear, comfy and cozy are certainly defining this season’s coolest style.

Face Masks

The face mask has evolved from personal protective equipment to the unlikely must-have fashion accessory of 2020.  In addition to protecting and decreasing one’s chances of catching COVID-19, face masks have emerged as a form of creative expression as well.

  1. Floral Face Mask – R120

2. Mask 1 – R85


3. Face Mask – Black and White Leaf – R59

4. Mom & Daughter Set – R100


Comfort has definitely emerged as a key takeaway for fashionistas from the pandemic with athleisure being a firm favourite as people hunkered down at home. 

While the Athleisure trend was certainly on the rise prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the virus and resultant lockdown measures significantly boosted its popularity. In the same vein, the global activewear market is projected to reach nearly $547 billion by 2024. And while most of the fashion world struggled to survive the downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, athleisure labels surged in popularity. Activewear label Lululemon’s share price rose to an all-time high in June, while Nike reported a 75% increase in digital sales. 

The best thing about the athleisure trend is, it enables us to lead our busy and demanding lives in comfortable clothing meaning it’s actually fashionable to wear your gym clothes virtually anywhere!

1.Men’s Hoodie – R 999.95


2. Maaji Leggings – R2395

3. Femme Tights – R699

4. Adidas ID Pants Black – R799

5. Velour Bomber Jacket – R450


Loungewear takes casual comfort up a notch from athleisure. Think elasticated waistlines, slouchy trousers, and soft fabrics. Spending the whole day in loungewear used to be considered a fashion crime. Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once famously said,  Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants”. But, 2020 certainly proved Karl wrong with sweatpants becoming a major fashion statement. 

Luxury fashion store  Net-A-Porter reported 1303% increase in tracksuit bottoms while fast fashion company Boohoo, reported a 54% increase in sales due to its loungewear offering. 

1. JMVB Luxe Loungewear 4 piece set – R2199

2. Good Clothing Tracky Top – R650 

3. Knit Hooded Sweater Legging Lounge Set – R799

4. Nike Air Fleece Hoodie – R1099.99

5. Mosaic Print Pant – R1810

6. Save the Artist Sweater – R850


Lyst’s report found Birkenstock’s Arizona sandals emerged as the most popular product for women with searches for the slip-on shoes increasing 225%. However, this comes as no surprise, as people swapped dress shoes such as heels for more comfortable footwear. In fact, US sales of dress shoes fell 71% in the second quarter, compared to the year prior, according to data from research firm NPD Group. 

1.Freedom Moses Slides – Stormy – R299

2. Arizona – Black Patent – R1499

3.Holster – Coastal Blush – R349


Minimalist style has emerged as a key fashion trend for 2020 with demand surging for basic everyday essentials.  The economic downturn has brought the concept of ‘less is more’ into sharp focus, with shoppers opting for quality and classic staples that they can rewear time and again. 

1.Dark Denim long sleeve Shirt – Navy – R524

2. Shirt Dress – R349

3. Namindo Classic Denim Jacket – R430

4. G-Star Raw Elton Chino – R2099