Versatile Kitchen Appliances For Your First Apartment

What do you get when you mix an oven with a toaster? A toasty oven. Funny, right? Well, when you’re moving into your first apartment, you won’t be laughing when your dreams of becoming Gordon Ramsay become as moldy as the finest blue cheese. Yes, your dreams of cooking five-star-michelin-meals will be as reachable as those pricey kitchen appliances advertised on the Home Channel. 

This is because when moving into your first apartment you have everything working against you when it comes to cooking. Budget is one thing. Time to cook is another. Oh, and not forgetting the limited space you have in that matchbox-sized kitchen. 

But with these versatile kitchen appliances, you can kill five carrots with one utensil or prepare one delicious meal in minutes. 

#1 Versatile Kitchen Appliances For Your First Apartment: Toaster Oven

Who needs a toaster or an oven when you can get yourself a toaster oven? It’s far more versatile in what it can do, from making personal pizzas to reheating leftovers. Don’t laugh, we know that hoarding leftovers is a way of life when renting your first apartment. those buying or renting their first apartment. Nothing to be ashamed of. A toaster oven is a staple for those starting out in the world of adulthood. 

Defy Grill Microwave Oven DMO392 34L from Masons – R2799.00

#2 Versatile Appliances For Your First Apartment: Bosch Contact Grill 

One of our favorites, and most recommended for novice chefs wanting to start cooking up a storm in their very own first kitchen, is the grill machine. Versatile, absolutely! This machine is not only compact, but offers three grilling methods with its reversible grilling pans.  It can be used as a contact grill, table grill, keeping food warm and for gratinating. Think delicious fish. Think potato gratin. Think grilled steak and vegetables. With two collection plates, you can even make desserts.  

Bosch Contact Grill Silver TCG4215 from Niche Living – R1990.00

#3 Versatile Kitchen Appliances For Your First Apartment: Food Processor

Do you love to binge on baked goodies on your couch while proclaiming to eat healthy at work with a smoothie in hand? If so, the food processor is a must-have versatile kitchen appliance for your first apartment. 

With three bowls in one and multifunction blades, dough blade, egg whisk, spatula and blendermix ring, you can bake your own bread, whisk eggs for dinner on the fly and enjoy smoothies in seconds before work requires you to race off in the morning. 

Magimix 3200XL Food Processor from Kitchenique R6129.00

#4 Versatile Appliances For Your First Apartment: Mini Blender

When time blends into one blurry moment, and you’re limited for time in the kitchen,  avoid the quick beans on toast fix and opt for a healthy dish in minutes. That’s right, just because your counterspace may resemble a hand-held tray and your budget has been spent on late night bar hopping, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo health. 

Get those vitamins in with this blender whizzing up some soup and fruit smoothies. With mixing, blending and chopping you can even have crushed ice on tap for when you have your friends over at your housewarming party.  

Bosch Mini blender VitaStyle MMBM7G3M from Niche Living – R1490.00

Buy Kitchen Appliances For Your First Apartment Now

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Cooking doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming and avoided, nor do kitchens in your first apartment have to be cramped and a space that resembles your messy cupboards. With Payflex, these versatile kitchen appliances will make you a regular Gordon Ramsey in minutes.