Keep Your Focus With These State-of-the-Art Gaming Cameras

Gaming cameras are an indispensable part of any gamer’s setup. If you’re looking to build a community and connect with your followers, the best possible way to do that is by streaming – and for that, you need a webcam. But, in a market that is saturated with options, it’s nerve-wracking to make the right decision.

Never fear! Payflex has curated a guide to the best places to find the gaming camera that you need for your personal setup. First, though – let’s answer the burning question…

Do I even need to think about buying gaming cameras?

Look – whether you use a webcam or not is entirely up to you. But, considering that an average of 58.5k viewers streamed Fortnite on Twitch this month alone, you might want to consider giving your followers something to look at. Using gaming cameras, after all, is kind of what makes a Twitch channel more watchable.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The secret ingredient that makes a Twitch channel more watchable is you. And a webcam will help your viewers connect with you more authentically.

Sure, gaming in front of a camera can feel performative. It might feel a little unnatural, even invasive. But, here’s the truth: when you’ve seen one session of gameplay footage, you’ve pretty much seen them all. The thing that differentiates really great streamers is not strictly their skill, but their personality. People tune in to see you, not just your gameplay. You add value to the gameplay!

Think about it – do you watch your favourite streamer because their gameplay is so fascinating, or do you watch them because they add their own sparkle to the experience? Are they especially funny, quirky, or informative? Whatever the case is, you’re watching them as much (if not more intently) than their gameplay. Gaming cameras can help you connect with your viewers in a similar way. So! Let’s get into where you can buy your own, and which one is the best for you.

The best places to buy streaming equipment

We know we’re a little biased, but really the best place to buy gaming cameras is on the Payflex store directory. Not only do we have a wide range of brands and models for you to browse, but you can also buy anything you see on there with Buy Now, Pay Later. So, you can begin streaming like a pro today and only pay for your new purchase later!

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Perhaps the best place to start looking for your gaming camera is in the Gaming Accessories category from Incredible Connection. Incredible Connection boasts a remarkable range of products from major tech brands, so you’ll have plenty of options to consider when you shop their site. If you already know what you’re looking for, even better. Simply look it up in their search bar and you’re good to go!

Alternatively, you can shop the Webcams category on the Gear Here site. As the name suggests, you can find all the gear you could possibly need for gaming right here! Although Gear Here’s selection of gaming cameras is much more boutique than Incredible Connection, it can be less overwhelming to shop their curated selection.

Finally, you could browse the expertly-curated selection of gaming cameras in the Streaming Equipment on Amptek’s website. Amptek are serious pros when it comes to sourcing streaming equipment. Not only will they sort you out with gaming cameras, but they’ll offer everything from microphones to ring lights, too. The best part? They’re all in one category!


Ultimately, where you decide to buy your gaming camera depends entirely on the product range you’re looking for, and the shopping experience you’d like to sign up for. No matter where you make your purchase, make sure you’re doing it with Payflex. Check out with Payflex and only pay 25% of your total cost upfront. The rest will be settled in four instalments over six weeks at 0% interest. What are you waiting for? Level up your streaming game by shopping the Payflex store directory.