Jan Making You Worry? Read Our Cheat Sheet of January Saving Tips

Have you noticed that the clocks went back, and so did your bank balance? The end of the Christmas period always brings a feeling of regret for spending too much. At times, it does feel like you’ve pulled an all-nighter with an insatiably voracious adult Scrooge staring on with judgmental eyes as you spend what feels like a lifetime’s wages in one sitting. This can be particularly the case if you have children. To avoid a horrible new-year financial hangover, we’ve come up with January saving tips to help you plug the sink of your new year’s bank account.

5 January Saving Tips To Bring on the New Year

Repulse Your Impulse Buys

It’s important not to go overboard with impulse buys; these items cost more than they need to because they seem fun or trendy at the time but aren’t practical later down the line (like those cute shoes that make your feet hurt). Instead, focus on making intelligent choices when possible (like using generic brands instead) while still keeping an eye out for deals that can help bring down costs even more without compromising quality.

Get a Savings App

If you want to start saving money but don’t know where to begin, a budgeting app can make the process easier. These apps are designed specifically for tracking your spending and setting savings goals. They’ll help you see where your money is going so that it’s easier to spend less than usual.

Create a Fun Fund

While you should always be saving for your future, sometimes it’s good to let loose and have some fun. A fun fund allows you to do just that without completely ruining your budget. Set up an automatic savings plan of around R2000 per month and designate this money as “fun transactions” so it doesn’t come out of your regular savings account. You can use this money for things like bar nights with friends or concert tickets. If there is any left over after a few months, consider putting it toward something more significant—like your dream vacation!

Be Savvy With Your Shopping

The backbone of January saving tips! Shopping is by far the easiest way to save money, even though it’s where most of your money goes towards the end of the month. So how can you be proficient in your local grocery store?

  • Buy in bulk when it is on sale. If you have a local store with reasonable prices and many options, buy what you need for the week and freeze it.

  • You should also consider buying seasonal fruit and vegetables when they’re plentiful; this way, you get better deals on produce without sacrificing taste or flavour!

  • Avoid buying meat from your local grocery store, and look around for any butcheries. Not only will you save money, but you also get meat of much higher quality and taste.

The Top Of Our January Saving Tips: Join Payflex!

If you’re still worried, you’re not alone. The new year often brings with it a financial hangover that even the best January saving tips find challenging to cure. So let us introduce you to the ultimate money-saving electrolyte: Payflex.

Payflex is a payment gateway that allows you to purchase your favourite products and pay for them in 4 instalments over 6 weeks. The best part is that it’s all interest-free! Take a look at our store directory and be sure to find whatever you may be looking for, and if you want to learn more or sign up, hop on to our website.

January Saving Tips as Your New Year’s Resolution

January is always a time for self-examination, and where better to do that than with a thorough review of your bank statement? It’s time to take stock of what you have, what you’ve spent, and where you’re planning to spend so that you can get ready for all the lovely spending opportunities in the year ahead. Now, go give yourself a kiss on both cheeks and tell yourself how much you’re going to save this month! For more knowledge on saving, have a look at some responsible saving tips.