Essential Home Gym Equipment For Hardcore HIIT Workouts

Summer is here and you can all smell the beach sand and the ocean in the air – or the chlorine if you’re unable to travel and have to enjoy days poolside. And as you go through your summer wardrobe and costume drawer, you may find that your summer body is not quite as ready as you thought (we’ve all been there!). Well, we’re still a few weeks away from the official holidays, so there’s still time to make the most of your your workout sessions now with help from some home gym equipment. 

If you’re looking for exercise that will deliver the results you need quickly and efficiently, HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is for you. If you’re lacking the equipment for hardcore HITT Workouts, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to remain covered. Take a look at our selection of HIIT-friendly home gym equipment, that will get you pool-side or beach-side ready in no time. 

What is HITT and what home gym equipment do you need? 

Whether you have five minutes or 45 minutes, it’s all about getting that heart rate elevated and beating fast and sweat flowing. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) requires you to do short bursts of super intense exercise with short periods of rest or lower intensity exercise. 

So, what will get your heart racing and what essential home gym equipment do you need? We’ll show you…

Home Gym Equipment For Hardcore HIIT Workouts:  Road Bike

For those who’re into cycling, this form of exercise really gets that heart beating. It’s intense if you put your foot on the pedals and zoom around your neighbourhood, ensuring you don’t skip those uphill climbs. 

GT Avalanche Sport 29er Mountain Bike – R14 499.90

Matt Black Simple Sam (Night Rider) = R5790.00

Home Gym Equipment For Hardcore HIIT Workouts:  Exercise Bike

For those looking to sweat indoors, exercise bikes offer sweat-inducing workouts and heart-pumping exercise. The great thing about exercise bikes is you can control the pace. Increase the resistance and intensity by pedalling as fast as you can, and then follow up with 30 seconds of slow, paced peddling for a real HIIT endurance test. 

Assault Airbike Classic – R16,990.00

Home Gym Equipment For Hardcore HIIT Workouts:  Cardio, Machines, Weightlifting

If you’ve been scarred by failed attempts at spinning, or have had bad experiences with indoor bikes, there are other options when it comes to home gym equipment that offer fantastic HIIT workouts.  After all, it’s all about the sweat and if you exercise fast enough and push your body to the limit, any equipment can help with your HIIT training. 

Bodyworks Air Rower from Gym Gear – R16 850.00

Sole Fitness F60 Home Use Treadmill 2.25HP from The GymStore- R17,995.00 Incl. VAT

Power & Weight Training Bags from The GymStore – R955.00 – R1,095.00

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Home Gym Equipment And Hardcore HIIT Training

In our efforts to get you all beach or pool-ready, and in your best health and experience all the benefits that come with this type of hardcore workout, we’ve also done a bit of research to find some great workouts for you. 

We’ve nailed down the most common mistakes to avoid when doing HIIT. Whether you have five minutes or 45 minutes, here are some of the best HIIT home workouts to do. And, lastly, check out some general tips to slay your HIIT workouts

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Don’t let money delay you in getting your beach body now and starting your HIIT workouts. With us, there’s no need to ‘work-out’ your finances to be able to workout. Enjoy the workouts and don’t forget to take before and after pictures!