What’s my spending limit?

Obviously, we want you to spend as much as you want to, but someone has to be the grown-up. Your spending limit is based on a few factors, but basically, it comes down to your payment behaviour. We’re in this together, so if we see you’ve got our back and keep a good repayment history with Payflex, then we’ll happily increase your spending limit. So, in a nutshell, keep up with your payments. Keeping your score healthy is a two-way street, so if you miss or default on your Payflex payments, we may decrease your spending limit. So make sure you pay on time. 

The best way to check your current spending limit is to download the latest version of the Payflex App on the Apple App Store,  Google Play or Huawei AppGallery and pay that way. The limit is shown on the top left corner of the App once you have logged in.