My OTP (One Time Pin) hasn’t been delivered

We understand how frustrating it is not to receive a message, especially one as important as the OTP (One Time Pin). Let’s resolve this by performing the following steps:

  1. First, try pressing the Resend Code on the OTP screen. If this doesn’t work, then:
  2. Restart your phone. It may be best to begin the process from scratch. Follow the steps until you reach the OTP page again. 
  3. If you are still not receiving an OTP, then check with your Mobile Network Provider to see if your number is blocked from receiving SMSs from certain local and overseas numbers. A common problem is that, if you have ported your number from one network to another, international SMSs are automatically blocked. 

If none of the above helped please drop us an email at or leave us a message by clicking the support icon on the bottom right of the webpage.