My instalment payment failed – why?

Oh, dear. This is very frustrating.

 You have enough funds on your card, but the instalment fails and you get an Installment Payment Failed notice from Payflex saying your account is in arrears. There are a few possible reasons for this. Unfortunately, they are outside of our control. Some of the reasons your instalment payment may have failed include:

  1. Your bank’s risk system has declined the transaction as they cannot identify us. This is a common reason for failed instalment payments. It’s a mechanism designed by banks to protect their clients from fraud.
  2. There are insufficient funds in your account. 
  3. Your bank card is not enabled for online transactions.
  4. Your bank’s system may not be running debit orders correctly. 

Whatever the reason is, we are unfortunately unable to resolve this on your behalf. You will need to contact your bank and inform them that the instalment debits are legitimate and request them to lift any holds there might be in place. This will ensure that your instalment payments are processed by the due date.

In the interim, please pay your instalments manually by visiting our Customer Portal.